This is how the prologue goes in The Skarloey Engines' Adventures of Dinosaur.

[We see the Princesses waiting]

[just then, our heroes came in]

Twilight: Princess. You needed us?

Princess Celestia: Yes.

Thomas: What's up?

Princess Luna: There is yet, another request for you.

Hiro: Don't worry Luna, you can count on us!

Princess Luna: You misunderstand. We want one of you to go back this time.

Percy: And who is that?

Cadance: That, is the Skarloey Engines.

Peter Sam: Us?

Skarloey: Why us?

Princess Celestia: Because, I need you to go back and help a dinosaur.

Scootaloo: A dinosaur?

Cadance: Do you understand what were asking you?

Rheneas: Yes.

Skarloey: Go back for dinosaurs?

Peter Sam: Princess, I'm not so sure about this.

Princess Luna: You have to. You are the bravest engines we ever know, you helped Thomas, Twilight, and their friends to stop the Decepticons and catch Alameda Slim, including Alex Hopper to stop the alien invasion. You have to try for us.

Skarloey: Okay, we'll do it!

Sharky: Wait! Wait! Guys, this is important. This is really, really important.

Peter Sam: What is it?

Sharky: If you change the past, you can change the future.

Peter Sam: Got it!

Princess Celestia: Also, before you go, [she brings out a headlight] Take this with you.

Rusty: It's just a headlight.

Princess Celestia: A very special headlight, take good care of it. [places it on Skarloey's buffer beam]

Skarloey: Yes, your highness.

Princess Luna: Are you sure you're ready for this?

Sir Handel: Yes, we will not fail you!

Princess Celestia: Then we must begin at once.

[all three light their horns and the Skarloey Engines are surrounded in a magical aura and then they disappeared]

Sweetie Belle: Good luck, guys.

[we know see the engines going through a hole of space and time]

Skarleoy Engines: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Duncan: Wait!

[They stop as Duncan takes on water]

Duncan: Okay, we can resume.

Skarleoy Engines: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

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