This is how the prologue goes in Ryan's and Crash's Adventures of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Legend of Everfree.

[Ryan is asleep in bed in Human Pinkie Pie's house. In his dream, Ryan is walking in the Crystal Cave]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hello? Sci-Twi? Sunset? Gloriosa Daisy? Anyone? Where could they be?

[then Ryan hears laughter]

Ryan F-Freeman: Who's that laughing? Ok. Get it together, Ryan. Maybe it's Gloriosa. She could help me.

Unknown voice: Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: GAH! Who said that? [summons his Keyblade] And who knows my name? I think it might be Ga... Gaaa.. haa. I can't say it or think it. But... Oh. I give myself no choice. Time to find someone who said my name. No one will expect it. Not even me.

Unknown voice: I know you will, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. I did hear you say my name. Who ever you are? Show yourself.

[then, Ryan notice a glow of pale green light coming from the distance]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. I didn't know there's a nightlight here.

[Ryan goes to the light]

Ryan F-Freeman: That voice is really talking to me or am I crazy?

[Ryan then hears laughter and spots Sci-Twi and Sunset tied up with vines]

Sci-Twi: Ryan!

Ryan F-Freeman: Sci-Twi! Sunset! Thank goodness I have found you two. Who tied you up?

Sunset Shimmer: I think it's Gaia Everfree.

Ryan F-Freeman: Gaia... Ever... free?

[Ryan turns around to see two green lights in the dark]

Ryan F-Freeman: That's funny. These fireflies are in a pair.

[Then, a girl with blue hair, wears a green dress that looks like Midnight's but with leafs, green leggings with brown straps on the feet and lower legs, a vine with green crystals for a hair band, a flower on each foot, brown gloves and a necklace comes out of the shadows]

Ryan F-Freeman: Gloriosa? Wait. You're not Gloriosa. You got some magic.

Gaia Everfree: [laughs] That's right, Ryan. I am so happy for you to see me.

Ryan F-Freeman: Who are you? How did you know me!?

Gaia Everfree: I am Gaia Everfree and I have known that an orange boy told me about you.

Sci-Twi: You can't free Midnight from inside me! Ryan knows Crash Bandicoot!

Ryan F-Freeman: She's right!

Gaia Everfree: You won't win, Ryan.

Ryvine Sparkle: [comes out of the shadows] Midnight will come back, Sci-Twi. With Gaia's help, she will have Ryan on her side and have everyone see who you are!![uses his magic on Sci-Twi]

[Sci-Twi grunts in pain then opens her eyes, but they are Midnight's]

Ryan F-Freeman: Sci-Twi?

Sci-Twi: No.... I... AM.... MIDNIGHT SPARKLE!

Ryan F-Freeman: No!![to Ryvine] What have you done?!

Ryvine Sparkle: I brought Midnight back, Ryan. So, she can have all the magic! But, since you decide to interfere with her plan to understand all the magic, she will be more then happy to fight you first.

Ryan F-Freeman: Sci-Twi! Snap out of it! Sunset and I beat Midnight at the Friendship Games!

Sci-Twi: [laughs crazily] You will never defeat us, Ryan. [she sprouts her wings, her horn appears and the fiery things appear around her eyes] Dark Ryan will always be a part of you!

[in reality, Ryan is struggling]

Ryan F-Freeman: No.... Sci-Twi. You can't do this. Fight it.

[In Ryan's dream, Gaia ties Ryan up in vines, but Ryan cuts them and gets ready to fight]

Gaia Everfree: You will join me to save my Camp.

Ryan F-Freeman: Why? I have to help her! Wait. I must be dreaming. I need to wake up.

[In reality, Ryan wakes up to find Human Pinkie Pie]

Human Pinkie Pie: Hello, sleepy head.

Nighlock:[hanging upside down] What's up?

Ryan F-Freeman: Pinkie. Nighlock? How did you get here?

Nighlock: I used one of my portals to let myself in. I don't how Pinkie got in.

Ryan F-Freeman: You could use a door you know. How did I do at the Friendship Games?

Nighlock: I don't have a key. And you did good.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks.

Human Pinkie Pie: I did know that Ryan and Twilight got turned into Dark Ryan F-Freeman and Midnight Sparkle.

Nighlock: Of course you would, you were there.

Matau T. Monkey: Morning.

Human Pinkie Pie: Good morning, monkey boy.

Matau T. Monkey: Hi, Master Ryan. Does one of the Code Red mates got the alarm clock that goes [mimics alarm clock buzzer]?

[Ryan looks at an alarm clock under the pillow and pressed the snooze button]

Matau T. Monkey: I hope this human body of mine is ok, Master Ryan. How did you and Crash turn into human?

[Ryan and Crash shrug]

Evil Ryan: [arrives] Must be when you go to the mirror and come to this world.

Crash Bandicoot: What does the rest of you, Bertram and Evil Anna look like, Evil Ryan?

[Evil Anna and Bertram take a look in a mirror to reveal that they are human]

Bertram T. Monkey: Cool. How do you and I look?

Ryan F-Freeman: Like you. Only not you. [looks around] Gaia Everfree... She's gone.

[Evil Ryan looks at Ryan]

Evil Ryan: Ryan. You think you saw Gaaa... ga... Haaa. Oh man. I can't say it or barely think it.

[Ryan nods]

Evil Ryan: What camp are we going to Pinkie?

Human Pinkie Pie: Camp Everfree, silly. Remember, I told you about it two days ago.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. What should I wear for camp?

[Evil Ryan holds out a t-shirt with a picture of Camp Everfree on it]

Ryan F-Freeman: Cool. Where are the Starrings and my three siren friends?

Evil Ryan: They are going to the same place where your friend, Princess Ivy is going. To Camp Everfree.

Evil Anna: My boyfriend will be there. Give me a sec. [picks up a phone and dials Rianna's phone number] Hello. Hey, Rianna. How are you doing? Uh huh. You and your friends are going to Camp Everfree as well? Ok. We'll be, like, be there right away. [hangs up the phone]

Nighlock: Wow. For a siren, Evil Anna can remember how to make a phone call.

[At Canterlot High]

Crash Bandicoot: I hope this camp is cool.

Rigby (EG): Yeah. Ever since Flain and three of his friends transferred back to Crystal Prep and Mal defeated, we need a little R and R.

Scar (EG): You're right, Rigby. Sci-Twi is a Wondercolt now. I mean some friends became Shadowbolts along the way. Nya and Flain and...

Matau T. Monkey: And Sci-Mike?

Scar (EG): Yeah. Even Mike.

Evil Ryan: But, we did well in these adventures. Sunset and Cody is with us and with our friend Ryan understanding magic, Prime saw us as heroes.

Matau T. Monkey: And I can't believe Crash Fire keeps showing up.

Mike: And Mal shouted at Flain.

Evil Ryan: I think so. I never forgive Mal, I never forget.

Mal (Total Drama): Hey, I heard that!

Evil Ryan: Huh? Look. Sorry, Rigby beaten you and said he never forgive you.

[Mal just sits on the floor sad]

Crash Bandicoot: Look, Mal. I think you got it rough with the Diesel Trio and Flain gone to Crystal Prep.

Mal (Total Drama): Yeah.

Evil Ryan: If Flain beat you in Flain's Mixel Human Adventure, how come I want you to return for revenge?

Mal (Total Drama): Not sure.

Crash Bandicoot: Maybe Flain is better then Morro. I mean we lost some friends. The Mixle Drummers and Flain and...

[Mal pulls out a sign that says "And Megatron?"]

Evil Ryan: Ok. But not Megatron. I show you a little something. [uses a bit of the Golden Disc and a projection of Megatron appears]

Megatron (G1): [in video] This is Megatron, Leader of the Decepticons. And if you are hearing this, it means I've failed.... This time. [laughs] But, I know that transwarp technology is being developed and so I leave this message to any Decepticon descendants that may find...

[Evil Ryan stops the video]

Mal (Total Drama): Whoa.

Sunset Shimmer: What was that?

Evil Ryan: A message in that fragment I found, Sunset. Flain and 3 of his friends have been transferred to Crystal Prep.

James (EG): Flain? Crystal Prep?

Evil Ryan: Maybe I can recall this fine story. Allow me to set the scene.


Evil Ryan: [narrating] Flain's been heartbroken after Mal shouted at him. Evil Anna and I saw Flain sad. Sci-Ryan comforted him and tells him that Mal never forgive him and said he can't be trusted. At the last event of the Friendship Games, Bertranos used his dark magic to make Mal a demon. In the end, he created a villain so powerful that even his heart was corrupted. The Bertram clone pulled his own trigger. Rigby defeated Mal.

[flashback ends]

Evil Anna: Wow. Ryan never forgive you at the Fall Formal.

Bertram T. Monkey: Before you say something, Mal. Those Mixle Traitors have left us to join the Cons.

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