This is how the prologue for Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures of Thomas and the Magic Railroad goes.

Edd: "I've followed all the rules! Lived a life of decency and principle! So why didn't I follow my instincts? That one day these short-sighted sophomoric shell games would never ever work?!!!"

Ed: [diving behind Eddy] "Double D's dark side makes my armpits sweat, Eddy."

Eddy: "What doesn't?"

Edd: "Lost souls are we, gentlemen, failures!" [He collapses to the ground.]

Eddy: "Lighten up, Sockhead. Hasn't Eddy always steered you right?" [helping Edd up] "Don't answer that."

Ed: "Oh, oh! If I might partake in this chat? Could we not joineth the circus? Eddy could be the world's–"

Eddy: [being twisted into a strange shape by Ed] "Hey ow stop! It doesn't go that way!"

Ed: "–shortest elephant!" [He displays Eddy for all to see.] "And you Double D can be the clown!"

Edd: [considering] "I guess one could get used to the confining nature of tights."

Eddy: "Talk about stupid." [He grabs his friends.] "If we're goin' to do anything, I know something, it's practically cool."

Edd: "Dare I ask?" [He clutches his forehead before turning back to Eddy, grinning.] "And?"

Ed: "Yeah, Eddy. And?"

Eddy: "And..." [clutching them close] "If we go for it we could be famous in all of Peach Creek!"

Ed: "Where we goin, Eddy?"

[Eddy walks a few feet away before leaping into the air to deliver his pronouncement.]

Eddy: "A new adventure out into the world!!

Edd: Oh really? Well, I might know one place we can go to, Eddy.

Eddy: What?

Edd: There's an Island called, "Sodor". It's somewhere off the coast of England and the trains there have faces and they're the heroes.

Ed: Are the trains hybirds, Double-D?

Edd: Well, um. I'm not so sure.

Eddy: Why, that's perfect! We could even find guys who will actually like us! C'mon!"

Ed: "Oh boy oh boy!"

Eddy: "What are we waitin' for?" [He runs off.]

Ed: "Talking trains sound so cool!"

Edd: "Wait for me, fellows!"