This is how the prologue goes in Trainsformers: Engines In Disguise.

[Rows of old film studios are reflected in shiny gold surface which ripples and distorts and becomes the edge of a golden and blue shield with the letter WB in center, Warner Brothers Pictures, a Time Warner company, in assosciation with Ryantransformer017 studios and Transformersprimefan productions, two beams of light on a black screen form a letter W, the weinstein company, a tiny light forms a letter A in the word IMAGI, IMAGI animation studios. A yellowish green liquid flame bursts across the screen, Warner Brothers Pictures and the Weinstein company, Ryantransformers017 Studios and Transformersprimefan productions present, an IMAGI Studios production: Trainsformers: Engines In Disguise. The title appears over a steel plated manhole cover that is edged by yellow and green rippling flames]

Narrator: Four Trainbots... 4 brothers... genetically reborn in the cities of Cybertron.

[4 Trainbots, Thomas, Edward, James and Percy race across Manehatten rooftops]

Narrator: Named after the great Cybertronian warriors and trained as teammates. They battled many creatures and foes before defeating their arch enemy, Megatrain.

[A picture of Megatrain is framed in a short gap]

Narrator: But now a greater evil has poised to destroy their very brotherhood: an evil born 3000 years ago.

[Out of blackness, a small fearsome group of armour cladded warriors march]

Narrator: It was in that time that a warrior king named Megatronus also known as the Fallen lead a brotherhood that fought side by side with one purpose: to conquer all worlds in the galaxy. Nothing could stand in their way as they left a path of destruction behind them.

[Megatronus gives the command to attack and both armies begin fighting. Later]

Narrator: In his quest, the warrior learned of a constellation known as the Stars of Kikan. Every 3000 years the stars would align, opening a portal to a world of unknown power.

[A portal of pink energy spirals around Megatronus]

Narrator: He became immortal, but at a price. His brotherhood was turned to stone. And upon the portal's opening, 13 Predacons were released into our world.

[The Predacons slash and slice their way through the army, pounding all in their path. Later, clouds of smoke rise over the devastated kingdom. Bodies are straned over the pot marked landscape. Flags poke out of and scuer mounts of Earth, a scavenger bird patrols the skies. Megatronus stands alone]

Narrator: The warrior king was left to eternally walk the Earth. Unable to die or forget his horrible mistake.

[His brotherhood of stone stand before him, statues in a swirling wind. All fades to black]

Narrator: And the Predacons that were unleashed continue to plague mankind to this very day.

[The Trainbot logo appears]

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