Here's how the opening prologue goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of Star Trek: Beyond.

[One day, our heroes are getting ready to go to the future for Kirk's birthday]

Pinkie: This birthday's gonna be fantastic!

Bash: With, lots of....

Dash: Fun!

Ferdinand: That's right!

Pepper Clark: And don't forget comedian jokes!

July: Alright, alright, let's settle down now.

Rarity: Yes. I just want this trip to have nice peace and quiet.

Zoe Trent: Me too.

[But however Twilight is feeling sad]

Thomas: What's wrong Twilight?

Twilight: Well, it's been 3 months now. And we haven't seen Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Cadance, or Barret Barricade since they're still in carbonite! They deserve to be here.

Shining Armor: Don't worry Twilight. They're gonna find those puzzle pieces, you'll see.

Twilight: (doubtfully) Yeah right.

???: GUYS!!!!!

[Dudley Puppy and Hanah Streaker comes into view]

Dudley Puppy: GUYS, GUYS!!! KITTY'S GONE!!!!

[Everyone says "WHAT?!"]

Knockout: What do you mean she's gone?!

Dudley Puppy: Well, today I was gonna ask her if we can have a friendly duel.

Hanah Streaker: And I was gonna ask to duel with her after Dudley, but then the next thing we knew she was gone!

[Just then, Team Griffin/Eeveelution, Judy, Nick, Gabby, Ember, Peter, the guys, Little Bear, his friends, Doug, and Skeeter come into view]

Judy Hopps: He's right, we'd looked everywhere, but there was no sign of her.

Princess Jasmine: Well, what did you guys find?

Eevee: Well, we did find this letter on her bed. [shows it in the air]

Blythe: Well, did you read what it says?

Owl: No, we haven't.

Dudley Puppy: I'll read it! [grabs the letter and begins reading] "Dear Snoopy, we have you precious little cat friend. If you wanna save her, you'll have to go to the future".

Brian: The future?

Percy: Yeah, we we're heading there ourselves.

Peter: Wait, you guys went into the future?

Blossom: What does it look like?

Twilight: It's a long story.

Dudley Puppy: Well come on, what are we waiting for? Let's go! [he jumps into the portal]

Thomas: Hey, Brian. Did you find any luck of those puzzle pieces.

Brian: Well, we only found four of them. We can't find the fifth and final one. It's the hardest one to find.

[Soon everyone goes into the portal. And it fades to Kitty who's restrained to a table and she wakes up, and is shocked of the sight in front of her and tries to break free but no avail]

Kitty Katswell: Where am I?

[Then there was a clanking sound, and out of the shadows was.... TIREK!!!]

Tirek: Does it matter?

Kitty Katswell: Tirek! You brought me here?!

Tirek: No, we'd stun you and brought you here. For an experiment.

Kitty Katswell: Experiment?

Adagio Dazzle: That's right, little pussy-cat.

[There in the shadows was the Dazzlings]

Kitty Katswell: You must be the Dazzlings! 

Adagio Dazzle: That's right. We were the ones who were frozen back at Sector 7, but then we were freed and helped the Decepticons, but they were all failed because of Snoopy. 

Kitty Katswell: Oh, don't worry. I know all about you guys. Brian told me about you.

Ernie: Enough.

[There coming in was Ernie, Suri Plomare, and Diesel 10]

Kitty Katswell: Ernie!

Ernie: Kitty. It's great to meet you again.

Kitty Katswell: What do you want?

Ernie: I just wanna say that what would it like to be on the Dark side?

Kitty Katswell: No way! You can forget it! Why couldn't you bring my sister?

Ernie: Because she's a fool. Hence is why she was defeated by you during that whole channel chasing escapade. Even so, I saw your action. And I think you can do much as better then her.

Kitty Katswell: I'll never join you!

Ernie: That's what you think. My apprentice. Prepare to fire the laser!

["Awakening" begins playing]

[They all leave and they observe it from a viewing point]

Battle droid: We're ready!

Ernie: Fire!

[A red laser fires and hits Kitty, and she screams and groans]

Suri Polomare: That looks like it hurts.

Ernie: Quiet.

[Kitty continues groaning and then her eyes turn fully red and she uses the force to crush the laser. And she builds up a red force repulse and frees herself]

[Soon Ernie comes in]

Ernie: Congratulations. Kitty.

Kitty Katswell: [bends down] What is thy bidding, my master?

Ernie: You are assign to destroy your friends, including your friend, Dudley Puppy. And as for now one, you shall be known as "Darth Black Cat".

Kitty Katswell: Yes, my master.

Ernie: Rise.

[Kitty rises up and she shows her eyes as Sith color]

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