This how the prologue for Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures of The Great Mouse Detective goes.

[we see the eds come into the platform of one of the main station where Stuingtion's engines live]

Edd: Oh, boy this is gonna be great!

Eddy: Spending the day with our favorite engines.

Ed: Fun day!

[then J.J. comes into the platform but doesn't notice the Eds]

Edd: Hi, J... J?

[then Sharky passes by without making eye contact]

Eddy: What's with him?

Then Willy rushes by]

Edd: Strange, what's everyone racing around for?

[then Hugs comes into the platform]

Hugs: Oh, hi guys.

Ed: Hello!

Edd: Hugs, what's going on here? Where is everyone racing around?

Hugs: T.C. and Mako have gone missing. We're trying to find them with some help.

[then Minka Mark hops onto Hugs' hood]

Minka Mark: Hiya, guys!

Eddy: Minka?

Hugs: Yeah, the Littlest Pet Shop pets and Blythe came by for a visit and volunteered to help us find them.

Edd: Maybe we could help you guys too.

Hugs: Okay, sounds like a plan, we need all the help we can get.

[soon they are all searching everyway, but on T.C.'s branchline, Sherin finds something on one of the station platforms]

Sherin: What's this?

Hugs: [drives up] Looks like a note.

Edd: [hops out and picks it up] Let's show the others, come on!

[They show the note to the others]

Edd: I'm afriad that T.C. and Mako have been captured and taken to London.

Eddy: Captured?!

Edd: Yeah, it says so here on this note.

Russell Ferguson: We need a detective! [puts on his detective hat and takes out his magnifing glass] (with British accent) And by Jove, I think we've got one!

(music starts)

Other pets: Cryil McFlip. Cyril McFlip.

Russell Ferguson: Never mind that! (song stops) We have got to find our friends, old chaps!

J.J.: Russell, I think we'll need more help on this one.

Russell Ferguson: You're right. Come on, Chaps and Chapetes! We're going to London!

[The group set off to London]

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