This is how the Proluge for Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of The Terminator goes.

(At Canterlot castle, our heroes came in)

Twilight: I wonder what Princess Celestia called us for?

Edd: I don't know, but it must be important.

[they come up to the guards outside the throne room]

Guard #2: The Princesses have been expecting you.

[they head inside]

Princess Celestia: Good to see you all.

Lazlo: Hiya, Princess!

Raj: Lazlo! That is no way to greet a Princess!

Princess Luna: It's perfectly fine young Raj.

Thomas: So why did you call us Princess?

Princess Celestia: I have a very important task for you all. You are to help a man protect a woman named Sarah Conner from a dangerous being.

Stephen: Dangerous Being? What's that?

Princess Luna: A T-800 series Cybernyne systems model 101 Terminator, cyborg.

Zoe Trent: A Terminator Cyborg?

Ed: Well, I can rip that mutant apart.

Princess Celestia: I'm afraid not Ed, the T-800 has a metal endoskeleton made of fully armored hyper-alloy combat chassis and is constructed with frictionless bearings in its joints, and a servo-actuated control system.

Princess Luna: The armored frame is capable of withstanding most small arms fire and is able to survive being set on fire and being covered in molten steel with only minimal damage and no degradation of capabilities. But that's not all, the T-800 has living tissue that consists of flesh, skin, hair and blood, which makes him blend in with the corwds and makes it difficult to find with the naked eye.

Fluttershy: Oh my.

Spongebob: Hopping clams!

Steam Mech: But we gotta at least try.

Cadance: So, where is Sarah Connor right now?

Princess Celestia: She's not anyway here, she's in the past.

Eddy: The past?

Princess Luna: You are to head to the time, "May 12, 1984".

Eddy: 1984?! How is that suppose ta get us to 1984?!

Edd: Yeah! It's impossible!

Ed: Oh yeah? Well my dad has a shovel.

Russell Ferguson: How's a shovel gonna get us to 1984?!

Mucker: I've got just the thing.

Princess Luna: We figured you would, your car is parked in the Castle garage right now.

Princess Celestia: Now go! Your other instructions are in the car.

Twilight: We won't let you down!

Shining Armor: 1984, here we come!