They found a little girl who look so scared

Kotemon: Are you alright?

Tooty: It was those monster. They tried to get me!

Kumamon: Maybe, we should protect you.

She look so better

Tooty: You sure?

Bearmon: Yeah.

Tooty: Wow. Thank you.

Kumamon: I'm Kumamon.

Bearmon: Bearmon.

Kotemon: Kotemon.

Tooty: Nice to see you guys. (Sigh) I just want to go home, I really go back to Spiral Mountain.

Kumamon: Don't worry, we'll take you there. Come on.

They went to the House

Tooty: Home Sweet Home.

Kumamon: Well, we should look around. We'll be back. So go rest up.

Hours later

Bottle went to Banjo's House

Bottle: Tooty? You're back.

Horus later

Kumamon: There's nothing there we should... oh, him again.

Jarjams: You again? Haven't I told you to leave here!

Bottle: Brother! Calm down. They just saved Tooty back at the woods.

Jarjams: He did?

Kotemon: Of course, we are. We just saved her.

Bearmon: They're the one's who save me from this monster.

Kumamon: Monster?

Tooty: Yes. There is three person with a Strange Symbol with their Swords. And then the monster appeared right in front on me. When I escape from those back in the woods.

Kumamon: Strange Symbol with a Swords.

Then Kumamon, Kotemon and Bearmon know who it was

Kumamon: Loweemon?

Kotemon: Lobomon?

Bearmon: Agunimon?

Bottle: You're saying those three person show up before those Monster?

Bearmon: No way! It couldn't be them!

Tooty: Well, of course. I'm sure I didn't. Like someone who looks exactly like them?

Jamjars: So you're with him? You better leave right now!

Kotemon: We'll prove it!

They ran off and they saw an Unversed

Kumamon: Get away from us!?

They made it to the field

Kumamon: Loweemon!

Kotemon: Lobomon!

Bearmon: Agunimon!

They are not here

Kumamon: (Sigh) They're not here, aren't they?

Kotemon: Yeah.

Then a Potion has been Drop, by Gruntilda

Kumamon: Um, Miss. You drop this.

Gruntilda: Oh, thanks. I have to be careful for losing it.

She saw them with a Symbol

Gruntilda: Hmm, I haven't seen you around before.

Kotemon: Agunimon and his friends were here. You know them?

Gruntilda: Well... yeah. Those men pointed one of those at me asking about some "Leader of the Unversed"- and they makes me angry.

Kotemon: That doesn't sound like them at all, Miss, where did they go?

Gruntilda: No, Idea. Must you be so angry about me for your friend.

Kumamon: Huh? What do you mean? We were just...

She went off

Kumamon: Loweemon...

Kotemon: Lobomon...

Bearmon: Agunimon... where did you go?

Kumamon: Come on, we have to leave.

Kotemon: Okay.

They left 

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