Antuari put the Chest in the Cave

Antuari: Alright. I think I'm done.

Eggman: Good.

Antuari is gonna leave

Scratch: Doctor Eggman... But it's about that shooting star I was talking about it-

Eggman: No time for that. I'll not having those nonsense about some shooting star

Grounder: But Eggman! Most shooting stars twinkle for s bit and then they go out. But that one, it kept on sparkling and shining even after it crashed down. Well, what if it's really a big enormou, priceless Gemstones?

Eggman: Gemstone? Why didn't you say it! Listen, Monkey!

Antuari: Hmm?

Eggman: We've a bit of business to attend to and must, I say, step away. I trust you can see to thing till I return...

Antuari: Of course. When Sonic the Hedgehog gets here. I'll be waiting.

They left

Minutes later

Sonic saw Antuari guarding the Chest

Sonic: Shush. That Egghead... Looks like he's found himself a new Robot. I'll sped down there and distract him. Tail, Knuckles, you move in and grab the chest.

Sonic went back down in sped

Sonic: Hey! Monkey!

Antuari: Who are you? Are you Sonic the Hedgehog?

Sonic: That's me!

Antuari: I'm not letting you have it.

They are Fighting and theys top

Antuari: Tell me, why did you want the light for?

Sonic: Wait. What "light"?

Tail: Sonic! We got it!

He and Knuckles carried it

Sonic: Tails!

Antuari: Stop!

They are running and then Tail got trip and the Chest has opened, it contained jewel and Gold

Knuckles: Watch it!

Tail: Sorry.

Antuari: What are those?

Sonic: Those are Treasure from Eggman. Jewel, Gold, Pearls and even Rings.

Antuari: So I've been guarding a pile of Gold?

Sonic: Yeah, wh.... Oh! Eggman has tricked you.

Antuari: Listen, Sonic. I'm sorry I hurt you.

Sonic: No big deal. I always like to have fun for my speed. So whats you're name?

Antuari: Antuari.

Sonic: Alright, Antuari. Where did Eggman go?

Antuari: He said he wants to find the Shooting Star.

Sonic: (Gasp) Oh No! Amy is in Trouble! I better go there, and save her! Tail, Knuckles! Guard the Treasure til I'll return!

Both: Okay!

Antuari: I better go.

He left

He's gonna leave and he heard a noise

Tail: Help!

Knuckles: Help us!

He went back to the Cave and saw many Formless coming

Antuari: Formless! I'll deal with them!

He is fighting them and he defeated him

Knuckles: Wow! You really kicked their butts for this.

Antuari: Quite.

They heard Eggman Coming

Eggman: (Voice) I have return!

Knuckles: Eggman?

Antuari: You better hide.

Both: Alright.

They are hiding from Eggman

Antuari: All Secured.

Eggman has arrived with Amy tied up

Antuari: Who's that?

Eggman: Sonic's Friend, Amy.

Antuari: Can I take a look at her?

Eggman: Sure.

He give Amy to Antuari

Eggman: (Laugh) So as long as I have his Precious girlfriend. Sonic demise is about assured.

He laugh and then Amy whack his foot

Eggman: Ouch!

It revealed Antuari got her free from his ghost claw

Eggman: What are you doing?

Antuari: You know, I didn't give it that much thought. Just doing what nice people do.

Eggman: Why you!

He heard a noise

Eggman: What was that?

He saw Tick-tock Crocodile

Eggman: (Scream) Not him! I'm out of here!

Both: Eggman! Wait!

Scratch and Grounder went off

Knuckles: Alright! We did it!

Tail: We Finally defeated Eggman.

They went to the Chest, and Antuari look at the Crystals Shine and it reminds him about the Stars with his team

Flashback has started

Antauri: That every star up there is another world.

Gibson: Like the one's that we travel the galaxy.

Nova: Antauri, Gibson, Otto.

Otto: It looks like there are many other worlds like ours.

Antauri: Of course, hard to believe there are so many World's out there besides our own. The light is their hearts, and it's shining down on us like a million lanterns.

Sparx: I think just lost my mind.

Otto: Like, they're just like us, Sparx.

Sparx: How come?

Gibson: You'll find out someday, I'm positive.

Sparx: Oh really? We've been to the galaxy, 3 years ago. And now we can't go see many planets.

They laugh

Flashback has ended

Knuckles: Aw, man! It's empty!

Tail: All the golds are gone.

Antuari: Did you two really want the jewels and gold that badly?

Tail: Of course. But we don't care about that.

Knuckles: Sonic wants us to take care of treasure.

Antuari: Listen to me- put all your item that's really special to you in there. And that will be your treasure.

Both: Yeah!

Tail: That's a great idea! Thank!

They take the Chest

Antuari: Kind of makes me wonder- what I'd put in there.

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