Protogirl is the female version of Protoboy and the elder sister of Protoboy, Robotboy and Robotgirl.


Protogirl was created by Ryvine Sparkle to help Larxene get Sci-Ryan to be her boyfriend. But due to Ryvine's lack of knowledge on Protoboy's programming and young age, Protogirl lacked teamwork and honor and was quite vicious towards her master. When she learned that she had a brother that was as evil as she was, Protogirl became ambitious and wanted to defeat Robotboy herself. This resulted in her becoming Protoboy's rival and continues to fight with him over who will defeat Robotboy first. Protogirl later returned to Ryvine apologizing for her recent behaviour towards him but Ryvine knew there was something off about Protogirl so he tested her to see if she was lying. Protogirl knocked Ryvine out and revealed her true plan: To defeat both Robotboy and Protoboy and make everyone adore her. She nearly have her plan completed when Matau and the Skylanders, with the help of the Robotboys (a band named after Robotboy himself),


  • She always speaks in third person.
  • Protogirl will help Xehanort's Heartless in Ryan's Quest.


  • Protogirl have no brothers or sister.

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