Prowl the Lynx

Prowl is a Canadian lynx-man warrior with super agility.

Early Life

Prowl grew up in the wilds of Canada. Not much else is known about his past or his family.

New Life

Prowl willingly accepted his genetic enhancements when he was recruited into the G.E. PREDATORS. Besides being a hero, he likes being famous and glorified by the public.

Personality and Abilities

Prowl's behavior is headstrong, cocky and comedic. He is quick to jump into a fight and enjoys showing off just to be the center of attention, occasionally cracking jokes. His favorite way of getting his kicks is by making fun of Jag just to annoy him. However, Prowl isn't all fun and games. Though often confused by large words and technicalities, he is highly street-smart, able to recognize a scam or know when someone is lying almost right away.

Prowl is the team's most agile member. He is able to climb walls, move through tight spots and dodge swift attacks with ease. He also has a keen sense of sight and hearing, able to sense anything from up to 350 feet away. Prowl is also an expert in style of Keysi Fighting Method, a more modernized form of martial arts.


Prowl's fur is Earth Brown with two patches of dark brown around his eyes and two small dark brown stripes on his eyebrows. His armor is a black and dark grey latex body glove with an orange bullet-proof chest padding, and two silver and dark gray gloves which holds his retractible steel talons.

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