Psychemon, Dracmon and Opossumon are drifting in the Darkness and then they have been awaken

Dracmon: What happen to us?

Opossumon: I don't know. This place looks scary.

Psychemon: Where are we?

?????: Stay asleep.

Dracmon: A voice? Who's there?

?????: You should remain asleep. Here, between light and dark.

Psychemon: Between... what? (Gasp) Fuyunyan! Where is he??

Dracmon: We don't know. Together we closed the door to. After that-

?????: You came drifting here by yourself. You did not have the strength to overcome the darkness. Or... maybe you were close to it.

Psychemon: You're saying we're some kind of demon Digimon.

??????: Hmph. Turn from the light. Shut your eyes. Here, blanket by the darkness, sleep is safety. Sleep is eternal. But...

A Card has appeared

Dracmon: It's a card. Not like mine.

Psychemon: What's with the card?

?????: It's is a door to the truth. Take it and your sleep ends, as you take the first step towards the truth. But know this the truth will bring you pain. Will you still go? There is no returning to the security of sleep.

Psychemon grab the Card

Psychemon: This place is uncomfortable for us to take a nap.

?????: That was very well said, Psychemon, Dracmon, Opposumon.

Then the Card is Glowing and they got teleported in Castle Oblivion

Psychemon: A Door to the Truth. I wonder...

He use the card and the door has opened and they are in Hollow Bastion

Opposumon: This place is Hollow Bastion!

?????: What you see is not real. It's the world of your memory.

Dracmon: Wait... Our memories?

?????: The things you remember from your time at Black Myotismon's castle became a Card, and that card made this world. You've seen everything here before, haven't you?

Psychemon: I think... What can we do? Are we going to learn something? Maybe meet people?

?????: You would meet the people in your memories. Ordinarily.

Opposumon: What do you mean?

Then the Voice is gone

Opposumon: Hey! Don't ignored us! You cannot go silent on us!

Psychemon: Just forget it.Okay. But it has better be you we run across next, Voice.

They went off and they are in the room

Psychemon: Hm. Everything IS just how we remember it. Even this room...

?????: It must be nice being back in your old bedroom. Think of all the memories...

Dracmon: Him, again? Listen, but these memories we couldn't do without. Myotismon gave us this room.

?????: So he did. And you lived here, tempted by the darkness he offered. You cast away your home, your friends, everything... but at least they gave you a nice room.

Psychemon: Enough!

They ran off and they've in a Hallway

Dracmon: No one's here, too?

Psychemon: I guess. There's nothing but Heartless inside the castle.

Opposumon: Voice! We know you're watching us- so tell us! Where all the People from our Memories?

????: Do you want to see them?

Psychemon: Of course we are!

????: But you cast them aside.

Psychemon: What?

?????: You dreamt of the outside world, and you passed through the door to darkness. Behind you, you left your partner's, friends, home- everything- all in pursuit of darkness.

Dracmon: But we case that aside, too!

??????: And what do you have to show for it? First your home, then the dark. Your heart only knows how to cast away. It's empty- like that room. Like your memories. That's why you don't meet anyone. Your heart is hollow- except for the residual darkness.

Psychemon: Lies! We rejected the darkness!

?????: Ha ha ha... Did you really, now?

They left the Hallway and he meet Myotismon

Myotismon: I knew you would return, Psychemon, Dracmon, Opposumon

Psychemon: Myotismon!? You're alive!?

Myotismon: You all didn't realize?. I am a figment from your memory.

Psychemon: Of all the people we could run into, it had to be you.

Myotismon: Yes. After all, your hearts is steeped in darkness. You cwn only see those who exist in that same darkness..

Psychemon: No...

Myotismon: Be grateful you have someone to keep you company. Your heart is empty. We're it not for the darkness it contains, you would be completely alone.

Opposumon: That's sounding pretty good right about now.

Myotismon: Listen. You once turned to me to sate your hunger for darkness. You want me here. Who but I am grant you the darkness you long for?

Psychemon: There was a time we did want you around. We surrendered our hearts to the dark. But not again. You and your darkness have nothing to offer. All we did was lose myself... Empty ourselves. We're finished with all that. If we're stuck seeing people like you, people of the dark... We're take you down one by one!

Myotismon: Then you mustn't forget to destroy yourself last. For, like me, you are one of the dark.

Dracmon: That's fine by us. We turned to darkness because our heart is weak. And I hate being weak. It's like I'm my own with Psychemon and Opposumon enemy. And seeing people like you embrace the darkness just makes it worse! We have enough of you, Myotismon!

Myotismon: So you all hate the Darkness enough to fight it. Oh, the agony you must feel! Then let me end your pain, Psychemon, Dracmon, Oppossumon-- end it forever... with the wondrous power of darkness!

They going to fight and they defeated him

Thy left Hollow Bastion and they are in Castle Oblivion

?????: Why do you shun the darkness?

Psychemon: Look, we know you heard us- every word we said to Myotismon.

?????: Darkness is your weapon. It is time you learned you must accept it.

Dracmon: What are you saying?

?????: Stop resisting. Accept the Darkness. You have no choice...

Then it was Quartzmon

Quartzmon: If you are to serve me again!

Psychemon: I knew it was you... Quartzmon.

Quartzmon: Well. You don't seem surprised.

Psychemon: All you have been saying about is the darkness. We can only assume you wanna pull me back in... so you can play puppet master on my Partner.

Quartzmon: Clever, Digimon. I knew you'd be the one to most appropriately serve me. And now, surrendered me again-

Psychemon: No! I will never let you take over my data and control my Partner!

He attacked him but the darkness Shield Mephiles and now Psychemon got hurt

Dracmon: Psychemon!

Opposumon: Are you alright?

Quartzmon: Do you really think that you could do me harm? A weak Digimon like you could even defeat Shoutmon- and you had darkness on your side.

Psychemon: (Panting) Beg you pardon... for being weak...

Quartzmon: You are weak. You need Darkness. Surrender. Bow to darkness. Bow to me.

Dracmon: We would never do that!

Quartzmon: Only the darkness can offer to you all of the strength that you will need.

?????: You're wrong!

They saw a Light's 

Psychemon: That voice... Fuyunyan? Is that you?

Fuyunyan: That's right!  Remember, Psychemon, you and your Friends are not alone.

He went into their Hearts

Fuyunyan: And Remember. The light'll never give up on you. You'll always find it even in the deepest darkness!

Psychemon: Alright.

He get up

Dracmon: We won't lose to darkness. Not ever.

Quartzmon: You think that feeble lights can save you from the darkness that I command?

They fighting him 

Quartzmon: You shall feel the darkness everywhere!

Psychemon: Give me all you've got. We'll give it right back!

They defeated him

Psychemon: What's the matter? Is that all you for?

Quartzmon: It seem to me that you are intent on resisting the darkness. All right. Then see it to yourself.

He show 4 Cards

Quartzmon: This is a Card crafted from your memory. Advance through the world it creates and soon, you will understand... Chasing after light is not the way. It will not give you distance from the darkness. There is no running from the darkness.

Psychemon: That's okay. We won't run away from the Darkness. Just give it to me. We'll enter the world in the end, if we haven't given into the darkness... Then we will win.

He throw the card to them and they grab it

Quartzmon: And, one more thing.

He use his power and now the Darkness is flowing into Psychemon, Dracmon and Opposumon's heart

Psychemon: What happen!?

Quartzmon: I simply tempered the darkness that yet remain in your hearts.

Dracmon You think that we'd rely on darkness?

Quartzmon: To use it or not is your choice. I'll be waiting, Psychemon, Dracmon, Opposumon... for you to sense it and yield to the darkness in your hearts!

He disappeared

A Dog Digimon is sensing something and then a a Knight Digimon Appeared

????: What? No hello for me, Dynasmon?

Then UlforceVeedramon appeared

UlforceVeedramon: What's happening, Caturamon? I want to know now.

Caturama: Great to see you, UlforceVeedramon. It's a shame. The Organization used to be the rope that bound us together.

UlforceVeedramon: You're only Number 6! Why you-

Dynasmon: Enough, UlforceVeedramon. Caturamon, tell us. What did you detact?

Caturamon: Visitors. I picked up two scents in the Castle's lowest Basement. One of them was Myotismon-

UlforceVeedramon: Ridiculous. That vampire digimon is gone. He cannot return from the realm of darkness of his own volition.

Caturamon: If you could let me finish... the scent belonged no to the real Myotismon but to a very convincing double. But I truly cannot say much beyond that since the double is no more. Our other visitor saw to that.

Dynasmon: And who was it?

Caturamon: I did not know for sure... But the scent was very similar to that of the Superior.

UlforceVeedramon: And yet, not quite the same, is it? This truly piques my curiosity.

Caturamon: Now- what can we do?

Dynasmon: We wait- see what develops.

Back to Psychemon, Dracmon, Opossumon

Dracmon: Something smells... strange... what's that scent? It's so familiar...

All:(Gasp) Darkness.

Psychemon:It's the smell of darkness. I can't believe this is happening. The darkness even seeped into my skin...

Fuyuynan: Don't worry, Digimon.

They saw a light

Psychemon: Fuyunyan!

They appeared as an illusion 

Opossumon: You're here. (Gasp) What happened to you? We can see... right through you.

Fuyunyan: Weird, yeah? We can only send a bit of our power to this place with them. That's why I have a request for you.

Opossumon: Request for us?

Fuyunyan: Listen, Digimon. Just because darkness holds you, don't let go of who you are. You've got to fight the darkness inside of you! It won't be easy to do, I know. And remember this. Even in the darkest darkness, there's always a little bit of light.

Psychemon: Light within Darkness...

Fuyunyan: You, your friends and us have seen it. The far, welcoming light inside the door to darkness... The light of Kingdom Hearts- it will show you the way. Please don't give up. Believe in the light. Thats the request of our Heart.

Psychemon: Okay... We'll do what we can.

Fuyunyan: Trust me. I'll try to find a way to reach you. I'll get there, I promise.

They gonna shake his hands, but they went through his hands

Dracmon: Oh... You're an illusion.

Fuyunyan: That's okay. We shook hands in our hearts, remember? We're connected, you, your friends and us.

Psychemon: Guess we are.

They disappeared 


Caturamon: I have identified the scent. It is Psychemon, Dracmon and Opossumon.

UlforceVeedramon: Psychemon? Dracmon? Opossumon? They have been emerged from the realm of darkness?

Caturamon: Their existence- it was once doubled in the darkness.

UlforceVeedramon: I see... That's why you mistook Psychemon for the Superior. The dark power given to Psychemon, Dracmon and Opossumon, facilitated their Escape from its realm.

Caturamon: But I want to know is why they appeared in Castle Oblivion.

UlforceVeedramon: That's really quite simple. Their existence resonates with that of another Digimon.

Caturamon: Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon are here in the Castle?

UlforceVeedramon: They arrived before Psychemon and his Friends arrived. Leopardmon is already using Taiga, Yuuya and Nikorai's unique powers to meddle with Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon's Hearts.

Caturamon: Without even bothering to consult us.

UlforceVeedramon: It looks like he desperately wants the Digimon Warriors for himself- what a stupid plan, of course. Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon's is not such an interesting existence. The entity that holds true value- is Psychemon, Dracmon and Opossumon, the Digimon heroes of Darkness.

Back to Psychemon, Dracmon and Opossumon

They saw UlforceVeedramon

UlforceVeedramon: I guess you're Psychemon, Dracmon and Opossumon.

Psychemon: Are you working with Quartzmon?

UlforceVeedramon: You have been Mistaken. Let me say that he is not the Quartzmon with which you are familiar. He is Quartzmon and he is not Quartzmon. Perhaps a "Nobody" best convey the idea.

Psychemon: I don't like that kind of Riddle. Keep trying.

UlforceVeedramon: He belongs to neither the light nor the dark but walks the twilight between. (Chuckled) Catching for that? Oh, that's it, you also stand in between the light and the darkness. It looks like we have much in common.

Dracmon: Maybe... Like you said, there really is Darkness left inside of me. But so what? Darkness is now my enemies to us! And so are you for reeking that bad smell!

UlforceVeedramon: Oh! So it's a fight that you hasn't. Very well! I should take you down!

They is fighting him and they defeated him

UlforceVeedramon: (Laugh) I fine, coursing through you, there is a darkness of formidable power growing! Well worth the trouble aggravating you. All this Excitement has provided me with invaluable data.

Psychemon: Want do you mean!?

UlforceVeedramon: Thanks, Psychemon.

He disappeared 

Dracmon: He's gone.

Opossumon: How come we didn't notice?

Psychemon: I think we have been tricked.


Dynasmon: What's happening to Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon's

Caturamon: Taiga, Nikorai and Yuuya's powers are being used to shuffle their memories as we speak. UlforceVeedramon may well success in getting his puppet. Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon's would be a valuable asset to the Organization... but Leopardmon and Crusadermon's actions, they- leave me quite uneasy.

Dynasmon: Now there was Impmon Who knows what that Digimon is thinking...

Caturamon: UlforceVeedramon should take care of this. His replica is soon to be completed.

Dynasmon: But then, UlforceVeedramon dispises Leopardmon. Think of the mess it would make. So we must tell him. Isn't it better that UlforceVeedramon clean up the mess than leave it to us?

Back to Psychemon, Dracmon and Opossumon

They left the World and he saw someone

Dracmon: (Gasp) It's that...

Psychemon: It can't be...

Opossumon: It is...

It was his Replica of Psychemon

Replica: Surprised? I guess you could be. After all, I look just like you. I'll tell you who I am. I am an exact replica of you that UlforceVeedramon made off on your data.

Psychemon: So you're a copy of me?

Replica: I'm not a Copy! I don't care if you're "real"! You're not better enough! We share the same body and the same data. But there is one easy way to tell us apart, though!

He point at him

Replica: Unlike you, I am afraid of nothing.

Psychemon: You mean... You calling me a fool?

Replica: You're afraid the dark and Quartzmon! Quartzmon will take over you're Data and control your Partner again. And the darkness inside you still scared you, no matter what happens to you

Psychemon: (Growl)

Replica: But I am Different to you. I embrace the darkness. I can make it do whatever I want.

He bring his Dark Suit and his weapon

Replica: So let me help you and your friends clean the floor.

He is fighting him and he defeated him

Psychemon: Hey you, Copy! I though I heard you say to me, that you're gonna help us clean the floor!

Replica: You can laugh everytime. But don't forget, I'm still new, I'm get stronger and stronger. The next time we fight, you're gone!

Psychemon: And it's gonna be you!

He attack him, but the darkness blast him

Dracmon: Are you okay?

Opossumon: So he is stronger then you.

Replica: (Laugh) It's amazing to have darkness on my data. You are SO messing up. How can you be afraid of something that can be so thrilling?

Psychemon: Enough!

Replica: Hmph! So now the fool is playing though. So long, Real one. Hope you don't miss me.

He ran away

Psychemon: Stop!

Dracmon: Let him go.

Opossumon: We'll face him again.

Psychemon: Fine. Hmph! This time... I am not a fool.


Replica Psychemon has appeared

UlforceVeedramon: So then, how's the real Digimon?

Replica: He's Foolish. In no time at all, I'll be better than him.

UlforceVeedramon: If you are can you be interested in meeting another who's considered a Digimon?

Replica: You talking about Shoutmon and his friends. I know that they're here somewhere in this Castle. You want me to take care of him?

UlforceVeedramon: Hmm..... Of course... I intend to make good use of you.

Replica: No Problem. The real Psychemon was nothing. Shoutmon won't be, either. They're no match for me.

Back to Psychemon, Dracmon and Opossumon

He wants to find the Replica 

Dracmon: Psychemon! Wait!

Opossumon: Don't leave us here!

Psychemon: Where are you! Show yourself, copy!

Quartzmon: Copy? Oh, no.... That's not exactly the right word.

He appeared

Dracmon: What do you mean? Isn't he just a copy of Psychemon?

Quartzmon: More like a model. He is an example of what you should try to be. He accepts the darkness... just like you once couldn't help but accept me. But now you are scared. Perhaps YOU are the one who is being fake. Fake when you pretend to have no fear and afraid of me.

Opossumon: How could he be afraid of the Dark?

Quartzmon: Inside of the card world's... you grappled desperately with the darkness. Desperation is fear. You fight the darkness because it is what scared you.

Psychemon look Angry

Psychemon: Stop it!

He attack him, but the Darkness just blast him again

Quartzmon: Stubborn Digimon.

He throw 4 Cards to them and they grab it

Quartzmon: So continue your fight, if you must. Eventually, you will learn. You cannot resist the darkness.

He disappeared


Impmon: What do you want, UlforceVeemon? It's not very often we see you topside.

UlforceVeemon: I am here to help you. You obviously believe this Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon has much potential, but I remain unconvinced they are truly worth such codding. I think an experience would show if they really is or any value to us.

Crusadermon: Again with this.. It just some excuses so you can take out your little experiences, that's all.

UlforceVeemon: I'm Intelligent. Experience are what I do, yes.

Imomon: Oh, well.. You can do what ever you want. But you know, I think testing Gumdramon, Shoutmon and Damemon is just a cover for testing your valet.

UlforceVeemon: Valet? Those Digimon is a product of pure research.

Crusadermon: What they actually are, were toys.

UlforceVeemon: And you need to know how to be silent.

Impmon: Okay. Since you came here to us, you should have this.

He give him a Card of the Digital World

Impmon: It's a Present from my elder. I hope you use it to put on a very good show for us.

Then the Replica appeared

Impmon: This card holds the memories of Shoutmon, Psychemon and their friend's home.

Replica: It's just a Card, how come it's so valuable?

Crusadermon: With a little help from Taiga and his friends, you'll have all the real Psychemon's memories. Maybe we can get them to make you forget you're noting but a fake. Instead we will remake your data and your heart so you can be- the exact same as the real Psychemon, alright?

Replica: Wait? You want to remake my heart and my data!? The Real Psychemon is a fool who was afraid of the Dark. Why would I want with a heart of a weak Digimon!?

Crusadermon: Any questions, UlforceVeedramon? After all, you do want to test Shoutmon and his Friends, don't you?

UlforceVeedramon: I think I like that.

Replica: How could you!? Are you betraying me!?

UlforceVeedramon: You should know this, I would make good use of you, haven't I.

Replica: Huh?

Cursadermon: It's okau, I'm sure it won't hurt you.

Psychemon: Maybe this one you!

He attack her, but he got knocked out from her attack

Crusadermon: (Laugh) Stupid little Digimon! Think you would ever scratch me. Where would ever get a though I this? But- look on the bright side. Along with everything else in your head, Taiga will erase your memory of me hitting you. Instead, he will implant the friendliest little memories you could ever hope for! It's not big deal that they were lies.

Replica: Stop. Stop!!!!!!

Hours Later

Taiga, Nikorai and Yuuya look down and Cursadermon approach them

Crusadermon: What's with the long face, boys? Is there something that's been trembling you? Are you feeling sad about tinkering with Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon's? Or maybe you-

Replica: That's enough, Crusadermon. Taiga- he doesn't want to remember Shoutmon even his Friends.

Crusadermon: Are you sure?

Replica: That's okay.. Whatever's bothering you. I'll make them go away.

He show Taiga an Orange Xros Loader and the Ring

Replica: I swear it on this- the Xros Loader and the ring you gave me. See you.

He left

Crusadermon: That is amazing. It's almost like you completely made his heart from scratch. Nice job with the Xros Loader and the items. I didn't know you could use memories to transform object like cards into keepsakes. You used the same trick on Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon, was it? You've changed Their Partner's Xros Loader and their item with your magic, didn't you? It won't be long before Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon forgets about Their Partner'scompletely! Then they'll be all yours.

Yuuya: He won't forget.

Crusadermon: Why is that?

Nikorai: No matter how much we change their memory, Gumdramon and his Friends will never forget their Partners.

Taiga: Memories of us- More false memories of us will just make their feelings for Failing and his friends even stronger than before. Because... I'm the shadow of Taiki. Yuuya is the shadow of Yuu. And Nikorai is a Shadow of Taigiru.

Crusadermon: What's with you anyway? That should be your incentive not to mess anything up. Just do a. Good job rewriting the Digimon's Heart. Then you can actually be somebody- and longer just Taiki and his Friends shadow. You'll be real in Shoutmon and their friend's Heart.


Caturamon knows the Scent and Dynasmon has appeared

Dynasmon: UlforceVeedramon is no more.

Caturamon: Of course, he's scent is gone. Impmon struck him down... something I find deployed - Agents Digimon of the Organization striking each other down.

Dynasmon: Our problem is Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon. UlforceVeedramon proved to be no match for Leopardmon, yet he's still under Taiga and his friend's control.

Caturamon: But we cannot eliminate Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon, can we?

Dynasmon: Yes. For our Superior- he is in dire need of the hero of light. When light loses sight of its path- we may find use for the dark. What we must do- is obtain the darkness.

Caturamon: Psychemon. Of course.

Back to Psychemon, Dracmon and Opossumon

Dracmon: Psychemon, how many cards we have?

Psychemon: Only one.

Opossumon: So if we can get through this, will we be free of the darkness?

Psychemon: Don't know, but let's find out.

He use the Card and he went to the door

After that they saw Dynasmon

Psychemon: That scent... You're another one of those "Nobodies."

Dynasmon: You did quite well, this far. But to posses your powers, and yet fear the darkness... what a waste.

Dracmon: We are not... Scare!

Dynasmon I scent that you three do. You're also capable of controlling the darkness. Cast away your useless dear. Open your heart. Embrace the darkness.

Psychemon: What happen if we say no?

Dynasmon: Then you lose both Light and Darkness- and disappear!

He unleashed his power

Dynasmon: I, Dynasmon, will not yield to the frail heart- of an infantile fool! Now, stop resisting- and let the darkness in!

He's fighting him and he has been Defeated

Psychemon: Goodbye!

Dracmon: Take this, card!

Opossumon: Have a Balloon!

They are going to finished him

Dynasmon: Not quite!

He hit them and they're on a Ceiling and they landed on their floor, Unconscious

Dynasmon: You were too much for that.

He approached him and the Darkness is flowing in Psychemon's Body and now he's on his Dark suit and then he defeated Dynasmon

Psychemon: Too slow.

Dynasmon: You are the Superior.

He's Fading away

Dynasmon Forgive me, Caturamon. This was a fight I should not want.

In Psychemons Heart

He's drifting in Darkness

Quartzmon: I see you now.... clearly.

Psychemon wake up

Psychemon: Dynasmon!?

Quartzmon: Psychemon... I can see your heart...

Psychemon: No... it's can't be. Darkness this smell could only... only be-

Quartzmon: That's it, remember me... Let me drift into your heart...

Psychemon: Quartzmon!?

Quartzmon: (Laugh) You called out my name. You have been thinking about me... You're afraid of the darkness I command. Good... The more you think of me, the closer my return draws. And when I have awoken, I will take hold...

Then Quartzmon appeared

Quartzmon Your heart and your data will be mine!

He's gonna reach him and then a light saved him

Fuyunyan: Psychemon! You have to fight! Don't let him win!

Then Fuyunyan appeared as an Illusion and he is protecting Psychemon

Psychemon: Fuyunyan!

Quartzmon: You meddlesome Yo-Kai!

Then Psychemon has awakened

Dracmon: He's awake.

Opossumon: Oh. Thank goodness.

Psychemon: What happen?

Dracmon: You got Unconscious and we were worried about yoi.

Psychemon: Fuyunyan.... He protected me... Fuyuynan? Where are you? Please talk to me!

Dracmon: What's got into you?

Then he knows they are inside their heart

Psychemon: I don't know, but... I do know he's in my heart.


Caturamon: Dynasmon is gone as well...

Then Impmon appeared and he's alive after the battle from Shoutmon's Battle

Impmon: UlforceVeedramon, Crusadermon, Dynasmon... I wonder who will be next in line.

Caturamon: Looks like it's  gonna be you.

Impmon: Nope! I fough that Digimon already. He think I'm gone for good. But no, I think it'll be John next. For reciting the Organization and targeting Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon. I hope they moves exactly as their heart s commands them to. So then, what about you? I though you guys had plans for Psychemon and his friends.

Caturamon: Yes, we were going to set him off against the Traitors... But with Leopardmon gone, there is no more need. He is nothing but a nuisance now.

Impmon: And they became Dangerous, as well. After all, Psychemon took down Dynasmon.

Caturamon: You know that is not how I do things. Tell me, did you obtain the Data on Psychemon and his Friends home?

Back to Psychemon, Dracmon and Oppossumon

The Castle is Shakin

Oppossumon: Ah! What's happening!

Dracmon: The Castle is Shaking!

Psychemon: And... one of the scents is gone- a really strong one.

Then Caturamon appeared

Caturamon: The keeper of this Castle, Leopardmon, has just been fallen by the Digimon Warriors.

Psychemon: Warriors... You're talking about Shoutmon! He and his friends are here!?

Caturamon: Yes. Want to see them? But... can you face them?

Dracmon: What are you talking about?

Caturamon: The world of darkness, and Quartzmon's shadow, still nest with your heart. Do you plan to face Shoutmon and his friends like this? Are you not sad? Gumdramon, Shoutmon and Damemon's fate is to battle the darkness. They must oppose anyone who hosts the dark- in the meantime, it's you. If you don't believe me what I said...

He throw a Card to Dracmon and he grab it

Caturamon: then you had best see the truth with your own eyes.

Dracmon: Hold on... this card is our-

Caturamon: Of course. It was your home.

He disappeared, Dracmon use the Card and they're in the Digital World

Psychemon: I never thought I'd never miss this zone so much... Hmph. There was a time we couldn't wait to get off this place. And now I'm acting so relieved.

Dracmon: Me too.

Oppossumon: So am I. Hey, look!

They saw the Xros Heart team

Psychemon: Is that.... Hey!

They ran to them

Psychemon: Hello, everyone. I don't think I've even seen you guys so quite.

Dracmon: What, is there something on our face?

Oppossumon: Guys?!

They disappeared 

They went off and they saw their Partner's

Dracmon: Ren...

Oppossumon: Airu...

Psychemon: Ryouma... What are you all doing here?

They disappeared 

Psychemon: Oh... Not them, too.

Caturamon: Surely you know this would happen.

All: (Gasp)

Caturamon You've been to a number of Worlds in your memory before this one. And in those world's, you meet only dark beings. That's all that's left in your heart: dark memories. Your memories of home are gone- each and every one of them.

Psychemon: That's insane! We know everyone from the Digital World and the Human World! The Xros Heart, Taiki, Taigiru, You, Shoutmon, Gumdramon, Damemon, Ren, Airu and... Ryouma, too! They were our...our... Our closest friends.

Caturamon: And who threw away those friends? Maybe it's your own action that you've forgot. You destroyed the Digital World and the Human World!

They got teleported and the world is collapsing 

Psychemon: That was... that night!

Caturamon: All of the zone you all live on were sundered, scattered. Many hearts were forever lost to the darkness. Because of what you did!

They saw an Illusion of them

Caturamon: You hated being around the Digital World, so you opened the door to darkness and destroy the Digital World. It was YOU! You were pulled into the darkenss then, and now you belong to the darkness. You should Look-alike look at what you truly are!

They're Illusion became a Darkside

They defeated the Darkside and they saw Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon

Dracmon: Gumdramon? Gumdramon!

Oppossumon: Damemon? Damemon!

Psychemon: Shoutmon? Shoutmon!

They approach them

Psychemon: Guys, it's us.

They attacked them and Psychemon, Dracmon and Oppossumon avoid it

Psychemon: Huh? Stop this, Shoutmon! Don't you know us?

Shoutmon: Yes. I recognize you. I can see exactly what you've become!

They blast them with light

Shoutmon How could the light hurt you? Psychemon... Have you and your friends really become a creature of the dark? You're not Psychemon and his Friends anymore... You're just a pawn of the darkness. Then so be it. It's time for you to show you the light!

They beam them to the light and now Psychemon, Dracmon and Oppossumon floating

Oppossumon: What happen to us?

Dracmon: I don't know... but I think we're are...

Psychemon: .. Fading... Fading away... into the light.

?????: You cannot be Fading.

Then Airu, Ryouma and Ren appear

Ryouma: You cannot fade. There's no power that can defeat you- not the light, not the dark. So don't ran from the light-hearted and don't be scared from the darkenss. Becuase both of you will be stronger.

Psychemon: Make us stronger? Darkness will?

Ren: Yeah. Strength that's yours. The darkness inside your heat- it's fast and it's deep... but if you can truly stare into it and never try to look away, you won't be scared of anything again.

Dracmon: All this time we've tried my best to push the darkness away-

Airu: You've gotta just remember to be strong and Brave. Know that the darkness is there and don't give in. If you do that, you will gain strength - the kind that's unlike any other. You'll be able to escape the deepest darkness- 

Oppossumon: -and we'll be able to see through the brightest light-

Ryouma: Follow the darkness. It'll show you the way to your friends.

Psychemon: Can we face them?

Then Taiga, Yuuya and Nikorai appeared as an Illusion 

All: You don't want too?

Psychemon: You know we can, don't we?

She smile and disappeared 

Psychemon: And we will! With our Power and ourStrength - our dark power and Strength!

They appeared in darkness

All: Darkness!

They use their Dark suit and they slash they're way out and hit Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon

Shoutmon: Impossible

He turned into Caturamon and it was Caturamon all along, even for Gumdramon and Damemon they turned into Pages

Caturamon: How is it that you found me when you are there in the light?

Psychemon: You reek of darkness. Even the light can't block the smell. I guess we follow the darkness after all.

Caturamon: Ridiculous! Then I shall make you see... That you hopes are nothing- nothing but mere illusion!

They're gonna fight him and they defeated him

Psychemon:After all your protests, you're still like us, on the side of darkness.

Psychemon: Well, I know who we are.

Caturamon: When did that happen? You were always received of the dark before-

Psychemon: Try this!

He slash him and he disappeared, Psychemon and his Friends has turned back to normal


Caturamon is injured

Caturamon: What were they?

He smash his paw to the floor

Caturamon: No ones EVER worn the darkness the way that he does! It's impossible!

Then Impmon appeared with a Replica, Caturamon look scared and he Realized it was a Replica of Psychemon

Caturamon: Oh... oh, right. The replica, of course. We can use this Psychemon to defeat the real one and the his Friends, Impmon?

Impmon: Wouldn't you like to be real? All you need is the kind of lower that the real Psychemon doesn't have. If you can get that, you can be a new Digimon- not Psychemon, not even anybody else. You won't just be a copy of someone. You will be unique, your OWN self.

Caturamon: Impmon! What is the meaning of this!?

Impmon: You know, he's a good a place to start as any.

Caturamon: You won't dare!

The Replica grab him and he absorbed him

Impmon: So sorry, Caturamon. You just found out way too much.

Back to Psychemon, Dracmon and Opossumon

Quartzmon: Psychemon.... Psychemon..

Psychemon: Who's there!

Quartzmon: I know you can feel it... The trip that I have on your heart and your data.

They Realized that Quartzmon is inside Psychemon's heart

Quartzmon: You have let in the Darkness, Psychemon. That means very soon your heart shall become an all-consuming darkness.

Dracmon: We won't let you do that to him.

Quartzmon: Of course, he will. Even you both.

Then their Body cannot move

Opossumon: What happen?!

Dracmon: My Body...

Psychemon: We can't move...

Then darkness is flowing to them

Quartzmon: The deeper the darkness runs inside you, the stronger I become. Controlling you is effortless even your partner's

Then a Light's appeared and it saved Psychemon, Dracmon and Opossumon

Quartzmon: Ah! Must you interfere again!?

Then they are free

Fuyunyan: All right! I'm sure glad that I made it in time! That will keep Quartzmon busy for a while.

They saw Fuyunyan

Fuyunyan: I'm sorry, I couldn't came here in time, Digimon.

Psychemon: Fuyunyan, is it really you?

Fuyunyan: Yes.

He poke Fuyunyan Scar

Fuyunyan: Hey, watch scar!

Psychemon, Dracmon and Opossumon is so happy

Psychemon: This time. You're not an Illusion. I'm so glad that you guys could make it here.

Fuyunyan: I made a promise to you that I would find a way, didn't we?

Psychemon lay down

Dracmon: Um...

Psychemon: I'm fine. Don't worry. Guess I'm so happy. I've - I've been alone with my friends for so long that having someone else around is... is a little... overwhelming. But.. um, how did you get here? I though it was too far?

Fuyunyan: I found a Card that can help us.

He show him a Card of Digital Twilight Town

Fuyunyan: We needed a way out of the realm of darkness, and then suddenly, this card appeared right in front of me. When I picked it up, I could see your heart ground the darkness. That's what lead us find you. I think the card though Its place to be with you.

He give the card to Psychemon

Psychemon: Maybe you're right.

He use the Card and they're in Digital Twilight Town

Opossumon: Where are we?

Dracmon: This place is made out of Digital. But what is this place?

All: (Gasp)

Psychemon: Fuyunyan?

Then Quartzmon has appeared

Quartzmon: You and your friends must battle me right now. Against my dark powers!

They are going to fight him and they Realize something

Quartzmon: What's that? Are you and your friends giving up? Finally ready to surrender to your fates?

Dracmon: I don't think you're not Quartzmon.

Quartzmon: (Gasp)

Opossumon: You're scent is different.

Psychemon: The Quartzmon's in my heart smells darker. The odor is more foul. But your scent just isn't that. It's not darkness. It's something else. I think I finally understand. You're the one who guided us when it started. You came to us pretending to be Quartzmon. You gave me the card- to make me face the darkness.

Quartzmon: Hmph. Thats right.

Then he had changed into a Digimon with a Red Bandana on his Head

DiZmon: DiZmon, or so I am know you- I've been watching you all along.

Psychemon: Really? Then who are you? And what do you want from me?

DiZmon: For you all to choose.

Psychemon: Choose?

DiZmon You three are a special entity. You three exist between Light and Dark. You stand in the Twilight.You have to meet Taiga, Yuuya, Nikorai, if you choose.

Psychemon: Taiga? Yuuya? Nikorai? Who's that?

DiZmon: You will know soon.

He disappeared into Light

They were at the Old Mansion

Dracmon: Are you sure this is the Place?

Psychemon: Yes. Taiga, Yuuya and Nikorai is in here.

Replica: Stop right there!

They saw a Replica of Psychemon

Replica: Hmph. You've changed. Your own Darkness- it doesn't scared you anymore.

Psychemon: How can you say that?

Replica: Because I'm you.

Psychemon: No. I'm the Real Psychemon.

Replica: "I'm the real Psychemon" he said. Must be nice to be real. A fake like me could never get away with saying that. That's right. I'm a Copy! A fake! The way I look, the way I feel, everything I remember! An even this newfound power!

He Unleash his power

Replica: I though by finding some new strength, I could finally be a Digimon Digimon who is not at all you! But... nothing's changed... I'm still empty inside! Everything about me was borrowed. As long as you around, I'll never be more than a shadow!

They are fighting him and they defeated him and he lay down to the Ground

Replica: So... now it's over. Hmph! Death doesn't scared me. Good riddance to a Replica life. My heart and my data was never real. I'm sure even what I'm feeling now is probably all fake.

Dracmon: So how did you feel?

Replica: What happens when a fake dies- one like me? Where will my heart go? Does it disappear?

Opossumon: It'll go somewhere.

Psychemon: Maybe to the same place like mine.

Replica: Hmph! A faithful replica until the very end. That's.... Nice.

He disappeared, Psychemon and his friends went to find Taiga, Yuuya and Nikorai and they found them

Psychemon: Are you Taiga, Yuuya and Nikorai?

Taiga: Yeah, that's us.

Psychemon: It is you, I finally found you.

Nikorai: What did you say?

Psychemon: Oh, never mind.

Yuuya: Please.. Come this way.

They show them Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon inside three Chamber Pod

Psychemon: Shoutmon! Shoutmon!

Dracmon: Gumdramon? Gumdramon!

Opossumon: Damemon? Damemon!

Psychemon: Why are they here? What did you do?

Taiga: We didn't do anything, they were asleep to get all their memories back.

1 Hour Later

Psychemon: So they made their choose to forget all about this Castle even you.

Nikorai: Yep. And you have choose to make.

Dracmon: Why us? You never messed up my memories.

Marina: It's not you're memories. It's your Darkness. In your heart and your data there's darkness, and in that Darkness is Quartzmon. He may be at bay for now, but eventually he'll wake, and he will take over you just like he did before. But we have powers you can use. With our powers, we can put a tight lock on your hearts and your data. That way, Quartzmon could never come out from inside you.

Psychemon: What happens to us we'll let you do that? Will we forget everything like Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon?

Dracmon: You sure we could do that?

Psychemon: We have too.

Yuuya: The darkness in you will be sealed tight just like your memory. You and your friends stop remembering the darkness. You'll go back to how you were. Psychemon, Dracmon, Opossumon, please choose.

They look at Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon

Psychemon He doesn't even look worried. Will we sleep like that, too?

Taiga: Yeah.

Psychemon: Strange. Shoutmon is always be stronger to fight with his friends as he pleased. Whatever we'd been doing together he'd find a way to slack off for a Digimon King.

Dracmon: Even trying to leave the Digital World- I did all the work on the supplies by myself.

Opossumon: That's it. When this Tin Can wakes up, I'll tell him off.

Psychemon: I told him to take care of his partner even Ryouma and here he is taking a nap. But I can't chew him out like he deserves- if I've been asleep. We don't need our heart to be locked. I'm ready- I'm going to fight Mephiles.

Taiga: But what if his darkness overtakes you?

Dracmon: If that happens, then the darkness will show us the way.

Yuuya: Yes... that's true.

Psychemon: Why do I get the feeling that you knew I would say that?

Yuuya: I didn't know. I hoped. I wanted you to face the darkness, because you're the one who changed.

Psychemon,n So that's why- that's why you came to our rescue inside that light... in a form of our Partners.

Nikorai: How did you know about that?

Psychemon: we knew when we met you. You're the one who saved us back there. And even thoguh You and Taiki smell the same. 

Dracmon: You smell like Taigiru, Nikorai.

Opossumon: And even You, Yuuya. You just smell like Yuu.

They left

Psychemon: Keep an eye on them

They left Digital Twilight Town and they are back in Castle Oblivion and they saw Fuyunyan

Fuyunyan: Hmm, I guess you decided not to go to sleep.

Dracmon: How did you know that?

Fuyunyan: I heard it from DiZmon.

They look at DiZmon

Oppossumon Do you know him?

Fuyunyan: Hm, I don't know. I have a feeling that I met him... somewhere...

Oppossumon So. Who are you?

DiZmon I could be nobody or anybody. It is up to you whether you choose to believe in me or not.

Psychemon: Wow, you really like pushing decisions on other people like that.

DiZmon And you have pushed away slumber making the choice to face Quartzmon.

Psychemon: Do you think I'm a Fool?

DiZmon: You have chosen your own path.

Psychemon: Are you supporting us? Or were you abandoning us?

DiZmon: That would be you choice as well.

He give them a black coats

DiZmon: What are those?

DiZmon: The Organization will pursue you. Like a pack of hunting dogs they will sneak up on you if they sender your presence. However- this cloak that is worn by Nobodies will render their eyes and their noses useless. 

He look at the Yo-Kai

DiZmon: The Yo-Kai, not so... They wear this to give themselves protection from being devoured by Darkness. Is it clear? Even the Organization cannot rule the darkness.

Psychemon: I'm not worried about that. I won't run from the darkness.

He throw a Card to Psychemon and he grab it

DiZmon The card will draw out your heart's darkness. Finish your business with Quartzmon.

Psychemon: Come on. Let's go.

They went to the next floor and they made it 

Dracmon: He said this card will draw Quartzmon out...

Fuyunyan: That's okay! We can defeat him together!

Psychemon: Sorry. Me, Dracmon and Oppossumon w ill face him together.

Fuyunyan: But why?

Psychemon: There's no point in doing this if I can't do it on my own with my friend, Tech. But I do need a favour. If Quartzmon is the victor, he's going to enslave us. If that happens, use your powers to destr-

Fuyunyan: Sure! We'll be right there to save you all.

Psychemon: What?

Dracmon: No that's not it. He want you to destr-

Fuyunyan: We can't do that. No matter what happens, we're gonna be right there to help you two. We promise you for that. Unless... you don't believe we're done through for you...

Psychemon: We choose to believe you- always, my friends.

Fuyunyan: And we're in you. You're not gonna a lose, I know it.

Dracmon: Okay.

Oppossumon: Sure.

Psychemon: Thank you.

Psychemon use the Door and he, Dracmon and Oppossumon went off to find Quartzmon

Psychemon: Quartzmon! Where are you? Show yourself!

Dracmon: He's not here.

Quartzmon: (Chuckled)

Oppossumon: You were saying?

Dracmon: Or maybe not.

Quartzmon: Why in such a hurry? I'll be here at the very heart of darkness... watching you lounge into the same darkness- inside of you.

Psychemon: Let's go find him.

Both: Right!

They went off and they found him

Psychemon: We smell you, Quartzmon. Show yourself.

He appeared in darkness 

Quartzmon: I have watched you fight. I know your power and strength. Your skill with darkness has grown. It has become more mature. And yet, why... why do you accept the darkness- but still refuse me? You know you and I are similar. We both follow where the darkness leads. Indeed, we are the same, so why? Does some purt of your heart still have a fear of the dark?

Psychemon: That wasn't it. The truth is....

They are going to fight him

Psychemon: I just can't stand your foul stench.

Both: Even us!

Quartzmon: You are a fool's. You should know my powers well by now.

Psychemon: Yes, we know. Or did you forget? I used all the power you had to give- and Shoutmon still beat me. I'm not at all interested with your powers!

Quartzmon: Very well. In that case-

He summon his Guardian

Quartzmon: You shall sink into the Abyss!

They got sucked into the darkness and they avoid from the Guardian attack, they are fighting him and they defeating him,

Quartzmon: Insolent Fools!

They Gaurds his Attack

All: Quartzmon!

They finished him off

Psychemon: We have finally defeated you.

Quartzmon: This... is hardly... the end... Your Darkness- I have it... all to you... My dark shadow.... lingers... Someday... Someday... I will return!

He has been Defeated and then Darkness is blasting Psychemon, Dracmon and Oppossumon

Psychemon: Taiki... Shoutmon... Ryouma.

Dracmon: Taigiru... Gumdramon... Ren.

Oppossumon: Yuu... Damemon... Airu.

Then a light appeared

Fuyunyan: Look, Psychemon, I know you, Dracmon and Oppossumon wanted to do this together... but you don't mind getting a LITTLE help, do you?

He carried them away from the Darkness and they made it to Castle Oblivion 

Fuyunyan: So, Psychemon... what happens next? Are you going home and see you're partner again?

Psychemon: Not yet. I can't go home and see my partner, Ryouma- not now. It's still here. It's really faint, but I can sense him. So I think his darkness may till have a hold on me.

Fuyunyan: Your Darkness- belongs to you. just the same way your light does. Up for now, I though Darkness was something that should never exist. Then I spend time with you and your friends and changes my mind the road you chose- I didn't know. Light and Dark, back to back. With you and your friends, I think they might meet in a way nobody's seen before. Wonder where that road leads. I'd like to see myself. I'd like to walk the road with you and your friends.

Psychemon: Wow!

They hugged each other

Psychemon: Fuyunyan, I'm really flattered... I don't know what to say.

Fuyunyan: Look, Psychemon, you know you don't have to call me as your allies that now. I'm your friend.

Psychemon: Close enough, Alright.

They left Castle Oblivion and they were on their Black Coat, they were at the field and they saw DiZmon

Dracmon: What are you making us choose then?

DiZmon: Between the road to light- and the road to darkness.

Psychemon: I don't care about those.

He walk to the Middle Road

Psychemon: I'll take the Middle path.

DiZmon: You're talking about the twilight take to nightfall?

Psychemon: Actually.

He look back to him

Psychemon: It's the road to Dawn.

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