Here is how Psylock fights against Kylo Ren in Ryan's and Crash's Adventures of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Friendship Games.

Sci-Twi: I'm glad that's over.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah.[notices something] Wait, where's Betsy and Ren?

Apocalypse: Preparing to dual. I can feel it.

Archangel:[worried] Where?

Ryan F-Freeman: Can Crash help you, Nur?

Apocalypse:[points Archangel in the right direction] This is Psylock's fight.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. How did you come to this world? Like the pendant I'm wearing?

Apocalypse: I was born on Earth, and abandoned by my parents, who I never knew.

(we then cut to Psylock still holding her psychic sword, staring down Kylo Ren)

Kylo Ren: We're not done yet.

Psylock: Should've left when you had the chance.

Kylo Ren: It's too late. Sunset Shimmer must join us for Makuta.[beats his side with his fist]

Psylock:[in her mind] He's beating his side. If I can just strike there, I can force him to leave.

Crash Bandicoot: Get ready, Psylock. Make us proud.

Kylo Ren:[twirls his lightsaber]

Psylock:[twirls her psychic sword]

Ryan F-Freeman: There she goes. [to Apocalypse] Like you, I was born on Earth with Sari and I became the Dazzlings' second leader.

Kylo Ren:[swings his light saber]

Psylock:[blocks and jabs him in the shoulder]

Ryan F-Freeman: Get in. [to Adagio. talks like himself and Adagio] I hope this goes well like I think.

[while Ren grabs his shoulder in pain, Psylock slices at his wound]

Kylo Ren:[screams in pain]

Psylock: I don't even know why you joined the villains. You ask too much.[twirls her sword in hand]

Sci-Ryan: I got this. [fires a tranquilizer dart at Kylo Ren's arm]

Kylo Ren: Ow. Is that a tranq dart?

Psylock: Yes.[gives him a telepathic headache while talking to him][in his head] You're so weak, Ben Solo. You asked too much, and many of your comrades were slain.

Sci-Ryan: Heads up, Nur. You can put Ben Solo to a jail. The Police men will find him under his two new friends: Lock and Key.

Psylock:[slices his face]

[before Nur can put cuffs on him, Dark Eagle snatches him up]

Adagio Dazzle: Don't worry, Apocalypse. Ryan is a good siren like us.

Sci-Ryan: Who's that?![points to Dark Eagle]

Nighlock:[in anger, attacks him]

Ryan F-Freeman: Nighlock. Who or what is he?

Nighlock: Dark Eagle! Where do you think you're taking Ren?!

Dark Eagle: Ah, Nighlock, the mere mortal who through me in prison. Well, you see, my master, Lord Thanos, has great need for people like Ren. And his plans don't involve you.[uses dark energy to push him out of the way]

Evil Ryan: You can't do that to a Code Red leader! [vocalizes at Dark Eagle]

[the vocalization doesn't seem to affect him, even when the other sirens join in]

Sonata Dusk:[breathes hardly] I don't understand.[faints from exhaustion]

Mighty Eagle: I can handle him. MIGHTY EAGLE![pounces on Dark Eagle knocking him out in the process]

[but as soon as he was knocked out, he got back up]

Dark Eagle: Foolish mortals. Don't you know magic can't hurt a Titan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Maybe not. But he's here. [to Nighlock] Go get him, Nighlock.


Dark Eagle:[dodges and shoots the back part of the Armour off and then shoot the dial]

[with the dial destroyed, the Armour shocked to a vast amount,and Nighlock falls out of the air]

Dark Eagle:[in Mr. Potato Head's voice] Hate to be merrily, but our ride is is here!

[a squadron of Chitauri fire upon the heroes, and escape with the two villains]

Ryan F-Freeman: We'll get them next time.

[before the portal could close, a Chitauri ship landed]

Aria Blaze: What the?

Ryan F-Freeman: Nur?

Apocalypse: It cannot be.

[the ship lands and Chitauri guards step out and line up, and out step General Zod and Dark Ultron, guns drawn] Sonata Dusk: What are they doing here?!

[then they kneel, including Zod and Dark Ultron, as a big figure in golden armour and purple skin stepped out]

Ryvine Sparkle: Thanos.

Ryan F-Freeman: That's Thanos? I thought we beaten Bertranos.

Thanos:[to Zod] Search Cortex.

General Zod:[attacks Dr. Cortex with swift speed and punches him in the stomach and then feels something] Well well. What have we here?[pulls out the Yellow Chaos Emerald]

Dr. Cortex: I have no idea how that get there.

General Zod:[punches him and takes the Emerald to his master and kneels] Lord Thanos, the Yellow Chaos Emerald is now yours.[holds it out to Thanos]

Thanos:[takes it and crushes it in his hand]

Ryan F-Freeman: [uses his magic to fix the Yellow Choas Emerald and throws it far away]

Ryvine Sparkle: Let's get you out of here.

The Grand Duke of Owls:[catches it and holds it out to Thanos]

Thanos: One moment, my loyal servant.[turns to the heroes] Too long. Too long have you interfered with my plans. There are things in this universe you don't fully understand. The good.[looks at the heroes] The bad[looks at the villains] And the worst[holds up his left fist]

[we see the Infinity Gauntlet on his fist, without the Infinity Stones]

Dr. Cortex: You think you've won, heroes? Well, some of the Foundation Elements gone back to the LEGO worlds. You'll never find them in time.

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, Duke! Got something for ya. [uses his magic and makes a bright light at the Duke of Owls]

[the yellow Chaos Emerald reacts and opens a portal, sending the light back in time]

Dr. Cortex: What just happened?

Thanos:[takes the Emerald and and crushes it again, and opens it]

[when he opens his hand, a single stone is there, of orange color]

Thanos: At long last, the Time Stone is mine![puts it into the Gauntlet and teleports him, his servants, and the villains away]

Ryan F-Freeman: That was a Time Stone?! I thought I was cool at the Fall Formal.

Apocalypse: There is only one Time Stone. And if Thanos has it, then we are in deep trouble.

Evil Ryan: And with it, our enemy Flash Fire will be exterminated! He became Ryvine's new student.

Sci-Ryan: Forget me not trusting Morro. I don't trust Flash Fire now.

Evil Anna: That's ok, Sci-Ryan. Us too.

???: Longing.

Evil Anna: Who said that?

Nighlock: Oh no.(we see evil red eyes in his mind wake up)

???: Rusted. Seventeen.

Nighlock: Stop.

Evil Ryan: Show yourself!

Baron Strucker:[steps out of the shadows] Daybreak. Furnace. Nine.

Nighlock:[starts attacking Archangel all of a sudden]

Ryan F-Freeman: What the heck is going on?!

Baron Strucker: Benign. Homecoming.

Nighlock:[body slams Archangel and breaks Psylock's leg]

Sonata Dusk:[scared out of her wits] Why is he doing this?

Nighlock:[throws her into the wall]

Evil Ryan: Run for your lives!!!

Baron Strucker: One. Freight Car.

Nighlock:[yells in rage and Cosmic Punches the ground, destroying some cars]

Baron Strucker: Soldier.

Dark Nighlock:[stands at attention] Ready to comply.

Evil Ryan: Request denied.

Bertram T. Monkey: Ready to fight Nighlock, Nur?

Baron Strucker: You are needed to rendezvous with Agent Rumlow, and collect a Bio Weapon.

Dark Nighlock:[nods and opens a portal to his HYDRA Chopper]

Evil Ryan: [uses his mind powers on Nighlock] Nighlock. Don't listen to him. Remember who you are.

Dark Nighlock:[resits]

Evil Ryan: [in mind] Nighlock. Join us! Join us for friendship now!

Dark Nighlock:[presses a button that turns the armour into it's dark form, with the HYDRA symbol on his chest] Nighlock was killed in action. I am Dark Nighlock. And I serve only one. Hail HYDRA.

[his men use a sonic wave that knocks everyone unconscious, and Apocalypse to be out of focus]

Dark Nighlock: Take your pick Stryker.

Evil Ryan: I'm ok.

Dark Nighlock:[takes the sonic blaster and blasts him with it multiple times]

William Stryker: I want her![points to Evil Anna] Him.[points to Ryan F-Freeman] Him.[points to Archangel][stops at Sonata] And her.

[the HYDRA agents capture them and put them on board]

William Stryker: The rest stay.[looks at the unfocused Apocalypse] Bring him as well.

[they capture him as well]

[Ryan teleports himself, Evil Anna, Apocalypse, Sonata and Archangel to safety]

[Dark Nighlock forgets about recapturing them and leaves]

Baron Strucker: Send Sabretooth, Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike, and Agent Zero to recapture them. Send Taskmaster as well.

HYDRA Soldier: Yes sir.[does so]

Evil Ryan: No! [vocalizes at the HYDRA troops]

[The other sirens vocalizes at the troops as well causing them to retreat]

[Cody pressed the button and turns Nighlock's armor to normal]

Nighlock: Leave!!!

William Stryker: Retreat!

[The Hydra chopper goes back to the portal never to be seen again]

Azazel:[teleports next to Dark Nighlock] Soldier, you are needed for rendezvous.

Dark Nighlock: Understood.

Azazel:[teleports him and Dark Nighlock to the HYDRA base]

Ryan F-Freeman: He's gone!

Evil Ryan: I got another Time Stone.

Dark Eagle: You fool. Don't you know there is only one Time Stone.[lands] This thing is a cheap knock off. These are what the real Infinity Stones are truly capable of. Observe.[shows them the six Infinity Stones]

Evil Ryan: Cool. Maybe you just leave us. Alone?

Ryan F-Freeman: I'm a member of the Autobots and SHIELD!

Dark Eagle: You maybe got lucky, Prime-prince. But you can't be lucky everyday of your life![leaves the scene]

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