Puffy (logging Loco)
is another logging loco on Cartoon World along with Evan, Steamy, and Shai-Shay.


Who came with Steamy and Evan from America after building the Transcontinental Railroad and is also 150 years old. Like Steamy, he's based off Central Pacific's train "Jupiter"  Puffy is numbered 61, instead of 60 like Steamy and Jupiter, he wasn't always on the line he works on now, a few years back he broke down and was left in in a siding for 50 years until T.C. and Steamy found him, and had him fixed at the steamworks. He was also seen on different lines besides his own. He is another Steam locomotive to use wood for fuel. He also has a deployable rifle on the side of his cab. He can aslo play the banjo.

In the Civil War

In the Spanish-American War

In World War I



Puffy is painted like Jupiter's paintwork, but has dark green cowcatcher, headlight, cab, driving wheels, and sand dome. But he does have high glass black and gold shone brass parts with green in his tender with a bit of red. And his number and name in bright bronze.



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