Purple Rangers is a position given to a few warriors in the Power Rangers Series.

Purple Rangers

Color Name
Mighty Morphin Purple Ranger Emmy Evans
Purple Squadron Ranger Emmy Evans (Past Self)
Purple Ninjetti Ranger Emmy Evans (Past Self)
Purple Orchid Ranger Betha
Purple Zeo Ranger Tara Oriville
Purple Turbo Ranger Lily Anderson
Galactic Space Ranger Karone Hammond (Past Self)
Galaxy Purple Ranger Karone Hammond (Past Self)
Demon Hunter 2 Nancy Cooper
Time Force Purple Ranger Sally Benson
Wild Force Purple Ranger Samuel Brown
Wild Force Marine Ranger Paul Battlion
Dino Thunder Purple Ranger Serena Farris
Night Lady Morgana Morgana
Mystic Force Moon Ranger Clare
Purple Overdrive Ranger Brandon Lee
Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger Robert James (R.J.)
RPM Purple Ranger Annabell Strong
Purple Samurai Ranger Yuri Watanabe
Megaforce Purple Ranger Melvin Tennyson
Super Megaforce Purple Ranger Venus
Dino Charge Purple Ranger Kendall Morgan
Dino Charge Lavender Ranger Mindy Cooper
Purple Unofficial Ranger Rick
T.Q.G. Purple Ranger Conductor Ray Morrison
Indigo Condor Ranger Johnson Watterson
Purple Dragon Ranger Commander Rickson
Purple Data Squad Ranger Zoe Batheart
Heliotrope Data Squad Ranger Starlight Glimmer
Magic Data Squad Ranger Twilight Sparkle (Future Self)
Sol Data Squad Ranger Blaze the Cat
Magic Harmony Force Ranger Twilight Sparkle
Hope Harmony Force Ranger Starlight Glimmer (Past Self)
Dail Magilika Ranger Donald Grand
Demon Tribe Ranger Sinbad

Other Purple Heroes

Color Name
Milky Rose Kimberly Rose/Milk
Cure Plum Elizabeth Haywood
Cure Moonlight Lilly Thurgood
Cure Symphony Sharley Hudson
Glitter Harmony Madison Lavender
Cure Sword Molly Faust
Cure Fortune Fiona Destien
Sherbet Ballet Cure Princess
Cure Matador
Cure Fashion
Cure Lucia Luna Moondust
Cure Magical Corona Violette
Cure Macaroon Delilah Ortiz
Mew Mew Zakuro Renée Roberts
The Purple Mermaid Princess Caren
The Lavender Mermaid Princess Lady Bat
The Sky Mermaid Princess Yui
The Wisteria Mermaid Princess Sister Sheshe
The Orchid Mermaid Princess Miho
The Night Fairy Princess Kazumi
The Amethyst Fairy Princess Chico
The Lilac Fairy Princess Susana
The Violet Fairy Princess Lilly
The Purple Fairy Princess Alice
The Wisteria Fairy Princess Vanessa
The Lavender Fairy Princess Jane
The Star Purple Princess Melodi
The Purple Harmony Princess Emmy
The light Princess Chao
The Lavender Flower Princess Holly
Purple Cloud of Knight Sayaka Minamino
The Cardcaptor Sammy Florina
Purple Witchling Ellie Craft
Lavender Witchling Belinda
Future Purple Witchling Seira
Moon of Princess Luna
Quartz Girl Shy Violet
Dark Girl Stormy
The Amethyst Sky Princess Jenny
The Cheerful One Bunny
The Rage One Bull
Fairy of the technology Tecna
Witch of Storm Stormy
The idol of Hope Eriko
Sailor Saturn Hotaru Tomoe
Sailor Luna Luna Tsukino
Sailor Parthenope Lucy Minamino
Sailor Hygeia Jesscia Aida
Sailor Amphitrite Eliza Flowerglow
The Guitar Princess Rosa
The Brains Donatello
Impmon's Tamer's Ai & Mako
Legendary Warrior of Wind Zoe
Midnight Aoi Aoi Miyazaki
Magical Witch Vanilla Ice
Sparkle Katie Kasumi Mimino
Purple Ninja Li'l Nelson
The Magical Thief Saint Tail
The Lily Fairy Lola
Purple Toad Willy
Purple Toadette Melody
Purple Sprixie Princess Magika (Urd)
Guardian of Shadow Orube Wilson
Purple Knight Doll Doll Ryuji
Dark Purple Spy Alice
Violet Spy Pam
F-99 Purple Robert Clapice
Princess of Calix Carissa
T.Q.G. Aircraft Purple Ranger Lionel
Galaxy Purple Ranger Marusu
Demon Hunter 2 Emma the Little Red haired Girl
Purple Mole Ranger Paige
Ninja Steel Purple Ranger Ayeka Masaki
Night Lady Morgana Russian Blue
Mystic Force Moon Ranger Trixie
Dino Charge Purple Ranger Masai the Giraffe
Time Force Purple Ranger Mrs. Widget
NeedleMan.EXE Ms. Yuri
Daughter of Trigon Raven
Psyche Hero Jericho
Princess of Piano Glitter
Purple School Girl Danielle
Janken Purple Quartz
Flower Purple Violet Lily
Mighty Morphin Purple Ranger Milly
Purple Zeo Ranger Mimmy
Galactic Space Ranger Kimmy Eckman
Purple Grossologist Lily
Purple Moon Luna
Bouncing Bunny Emily Lewis
Wild Bull John Terrell
Violet Floral Magician Violet Bell
Purple Floral Magician Amethyst Bell
A Cursed Monk Miroku

Evil Rangers

Color Name
Purple Psycho Ranger Psycho Purple



Purple Heroes Gallery

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