Here is how Bowser offered Pythor something more then friendship and love in Princess Yuna of Skylands.

Later, Yuna explained the whole detail.

Princess Yuna: And instead of me, Pythor had to track down the villains.

Princess Twila: My mommy is only concern for your safety compared to me.

Dusty Crophopper: You can't give up now, Yuna.

Pound Cake: Dusty's right. We're counting on you.

Snowdrop: We never stop believing in you.

Princess Yuna: I don't think I'll be worth having my kingdom.

Just then, Pythor showed up.

Pythor P. Chumsworth: What was that, Princess Yuna? You don't believe in having a kingdom of your own?

Princess Yuna: Well, I didn't want anything to do with anyone or anypony to believe in me without a kingdom.

Pythor P. Chumsworth: Come now, Princess. There's no need to feel left out. After all, You were Equestria's heroine. You have a choice to make on your own in order to have a castle of your own or not. Love to stay and chat, But duty calls. Ta ta!

Later that night, Bowser and Kaos about to use the Kronos Stone at one of the Skylanders who is actually Pythor.

Pythor P. Chumsworth: Bowser. Kaos. What a nice surprise.

Bowser: Pythor P. Chumsworth!

Kaos: I should've known you were on to us!

Pythor P. Chumsworth: It's time you all pay for all the criminal acts you're about to commit!

Bowser: Don't tell me you're doing this for your so called friends and Viper.

Pythor P. Chumsworth: Of course I do, What's it to you?

Bowser: What if we told you that friendship and love are new forms of imprisonment?

Kaos: Here's the deal, Scaly breathe. If you rejoin us, We'll offer something even more better then friendhsip and love.

Bowser: Freedom is all that you need, Pythor. What's say you, Old friend? (stick out his hand) Do we have a deal?

Pythor accept it.

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