This is how Que's Death and Bumblebee and Rarity vs. Soundwave goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

[We see Bumblebee, Rarity, Ratchet, Fluttershy, Sideswipe, Applejack, Dino, and Que being held prisoner by Soundwave and some Decepticons]

Queen Chrysalis: Prisoners? You're keeping prisoners?

Soundwave: Yes.

Queen Chrysalis: You need to teach them about respect. This is all business, but now it's personal, do you understand?

Soundwave: Ha ha ha. I understand. No prisoners, only trophies.

Que: Bee, I think they're going to kill us.

Barricade: You, your time is up.


Que: Wait wait wait, we surrender. We're your prisoners.

Barricade: Move it.

Que: Can't we talk this out? We're all a bunch of good champs. I mean you know--

[Decepticon shoots Que]

Que: Why did you--

[Barricade shoots Que, killing him]

Bumblebee: Goodbye, my old friend.

[Soundwave grabs Bumblebee]

Soundwave: You're mine now.

[Rarity starts crying]

Rarity: [through sobs] Do me instead. Please. I beg you.

[Soundwave tries blocking out Rarity's cries]

Soundwave: Fine! You wanna go instead of Bumblebee, fine!

[Soundwave grabs Rarity]

Soundwave: Turn around.

[Soundwave points his gun at Rarity and prepares to kill her when Decepticon ship parts fall down, allowing Bumblebee to punch Soundwave. The Autobots start attacking the Decepticons]

[Wheelie and Brains are destroyng one of the Decepticon Motherships from the inside]

Wheelie: We did it, Brains. We did it.

Brains: Rip this ship apart.

[Soundwave tries to shoot Rarity but Bumblebee blocks the shot]

Major Malfunction: [fights with Barricade to keep him off of Bee and Rarity]


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