Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl - the dark ruler of the Negaverse

Queen Beryl is one of the main villains of Pooh's Adventures Armada: Hunt for the Chaos Emeralds and the enemy of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts. It is she who slew Mama Koopa, marries Dark Specter (under the guise of Morton Koopa Sr.) and raised his only child, Bowser, as her own son while she remained trapped in the Negaverse during the thousand years following her exile by Queen Serenity the 1st. It was also she who helped revive Dark Specter from his past destruction at the hands of Darkondra and restored him to full strength in return for him being mated to her for the rest of eternity. Her current goal is to see the last remaining kin of Serenity and her loyal guardians eradicated and the entire universe subjugated before her rule and that of her adopted son, not to mention the future revival of one of the spawns of Chaos, Metallia, through the slow process of energy gathering from the humans in the surface world. Beryl will ultimately meet her end by the combined might of the Emerald Searchers and the Lights of Orion.