This is how Queen Chrysalis taunts Thunderwin's body goes in Out of Twilight's Head.

Queen Chrysalis: [knocks on Thunderwing's body] Knock, knock, knock. [knocks again] Is anyone in there. No? Oh, well. Seems that I possess the only thing that will allow you to rise off that slab and walking again, my dearest Thunderwing. [brings out the chunk of Dark Energon she took off the meteor with her magic] The only scrap left in this realm, plucked from the very meteor you were encased in. But it cannot restore your mind. Equestria deserves a respected leader not a mass center-piece. And I will convince them that I am the true heir to your master's thrown. With a plan so epic...

Starscream: Not even the mighty Thunderwing could have conceived it?

Queen Chrysalis: [nervous laugh] That was the idea, Starscream. How long have you been there?

Starscream: Long enough. And it is Captain Starscream to you, once and future Queen Chrysalis.

[At the Autobot base]

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