FIENDship is Magic issue 2 Queen Haydon
Queen Haydon
is Tirek and Scorpan's mother and the queen of a kingdom far from Equestria.


Tirek and Scorpan's father and mother—discuss Tirek's escalating rebellious nature and repeated visits to see Sendak. They worry that his "thirst for power" are a negative influence on the good-natured Scorpan, and Vorak worries that Tirek will one day use his magical gifts against him.

But when King Vorak and his guards have rescued Sendak and the unicorn from the destroyed cave from Tirek trying to steal the unicorn's magic. He arranges for Sendak to work in the mines forever for his crimes and prepares a delegation to escort the unicorn back to Equestria with apologies to Princess Celestia. When asked about his whereabouts the night before, Tirek claims he never left the castle, but Vorak doesn't believe him. He confines Tirek to his chambers until he returns from Equestria.

From his balcony, Tirek plans to one day overthrow his father and finish what Sendak could not: rule over Equestria.


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