Queen Regina (AKA The Evil Queen) is the main Antagonist on ABC's Once Upon a Time, she is one of Bowser's and The Ancient Minister's right hand woman, unlike the Disney Snow White version, Regina plans on destroying Snow White's happiness by planning to create a dark curse that will send everyone from the Enchanted Forrest into our world, where the townspeople won't remember who they are. Regina will stop at nothing that can stand in her way.

Trivia Edit

  • Regina will become the enemy of Pooh, Ash, Simba, Harry Potter, Rebecca, Noah, Mickey, and Reese, and the enemy of Dylan in Winnie the Pooh: Journey Through the Enchanted Forest where she plans on capturing Christopher Robin as a trap to capture Pooh and his friends for Bowser and The Ancient Minister.
  • Regina will get her revenge on Winnie the Pooh and his friends in Pooh's Adventures of Once Upon a Time, although she does later reform in seasons from the second season onwards.