Azulongmon one of the four Soverigns, Digimon that protect the four corners of the DigitalWorld. Azulongmon's domain is the east and always helps the humans in either continuity... In Digimon-02, he first appeared to stop BlackWarGreymon from destroying the last Destiny Stone. He revealed to the DigiDestined team that Arukenimon's nothing but the servant of their true enemy. When Digimon started to appear in the human-world, he gave Geenai one of his DigiCores to (1) power the old Digidestined Digimon to renable their ability to Digivolve to ultimate, (2) enable the new Digidestined Digimon to maintain their rookie forms, and (3) give Paildramon the power to Mega-Digivolve to Imperialdramon In Digimon Tamers, he first appeared to stop Zhuqiaomon from killing the Tamers. Opposing Zhuqiaomon's plan to Digivolve every Digimon to fight the D-Reaper, Azulongmon pleaded to the DigiGnomes to turn the "Catalyst of Digivolution" into Calumon, and sent it out of the Digital World. But even if things didn't go as planned, Azulongmon believes that the combined power that the Tamers and Digimon have in BioMerging can prove to be their advantage over the D-Reaper.

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