Here's how racing to Thomas and encountering Decastator goes in Revenge of The Ultratron.

[The engines make their way once again]

[we return to the wreck of the driller train, as Evil Jimmy tries to lift a piece of metal off the top of the hole he's in.]

Evil Jimmy: [lifts off the metal] Wow! That intense, should've gotten insurance. [gets out of the hole] Who ever is not dead, make a sound.

Scorn: [groans]

Evil Jimmy: On your feet!

Scorn: [does so] What do we do now?

Evil Jimmy: We've got to tell the others that those certain have the crystal. And we must do all we can to stop them from getting that crystal to Thomas!

Scorn: Oh, right.

Evil Jimmy: [sighs] You really are an idiot. I don't know how the queen puts up with you. Now let's go!

Scorn: Right away. [follows him]

[just somewhere on a hill, the Changling train sits and waits]

Princess Chaos: There they are.

Queen Chrysalis: Who?

Princess Chaos: Scorn and Evil Jimmy, mother.

[evil Jimmy and Scorn come up]

Queen Chrysalis: What happened?

Evil Jimmy: We've almost had them, then Dread Steam and us crashed.

Discord: Oh for goodness sake!

Evil Jimmy: However we did find out something.

Princess Chaos: What is?

Evil Jimmy: Skyla said that, they have the Crystal of the Train-Primes.

[Dread Steam comes up alive and well]

Dread Steam: I'm okay.

Evil Jimmy: Oh, also. That magical tank engine is with them.

Princess Chaos: Magical engine?

Discord: You mean Lady?

Evil Jimmy: Yeah.

Queen Chrysalis: Now with the crystal soon in our hands. They won't get it back. You go try to slow them down.

Dread Steam: Right.

Evil Jimmy: Right away, your highness.

[Evil Jimmy and Dread Steam set off]

Discord: Let's get that train rolling.

[Back with our heroes]

Percy: Hurry!

[then they hear something]

Bertie: [as James (from Pokemon)] Hey, what's that sound?

Carl: Is it a bomb?!

Jimmy: No, it's a plane!

[then we see several blue airplanes and choppers flying above]

Sheen: Alright, the Wonderbolts!

Spitfire: [into headset] Wonderbolts, I have visual of our beings. They're riding the rails just below, and Lady's with them.

Soarin': [over radio] Copy that!

[they followed the group, while Cruncher transforms into his dinosaur form and starts running along side our heroes]

[The group then comes to a complete halt]

Percy: Alright, here's the plan: We'll head for those pillars and wait for the Wonderbolts to land. Once they land, we make a break for Thomas.

Nyx: Right.

Terminator: Affirmative.

Brian: Sounds like a plan.

Jimmy: To the pillars!

[they set off again]

[meanwhile, the Wonderbolts then reach a clearing]

Spitfire: Alright, prepare for landing!

[They all land]

[Then NEST and the 501st arrives, and the Autobots, Trainbots, and Thomas' body parachute down.]

Cross-Hairs: Let's have some fun.

Piston Spark: I'm with ya!

Spitfire: [to the other Wonderbolts] Alright, the foal is coming our way with a possible thing that can be back big blue here, we've got to do all we can to provide cover as best as we can!

Tup: Easy for you to say! [takes out a Z-6 rotary blaster cannon]

Optimus: Please hurry, guys.

[Back with the others]

Percy: We're almost there!

[but unknown to them, Evil Jimmy is following behind on his speeder bike]

Evil Jimmy: [on his watch] I've located them, they're heading for the pillars.

Queen Chrysalis: [on his watch] Got that. There and slow them down.

Evil Jimmy: 10-4.

[Evil Jimmy then follows even closer and then he starts firing lasers]

Peter Sam: Look out!

[the laser then hit the ground around our heroes sending dirt and dust into the air]

Brian: Oh my, God! What was that?

Carl: We're dead, now!!

General Dedrich: Those damn jerks found us!

[more lasers continue being fired at them]

Evil Jimmy: They won't escape me this time!

[continues firing lasers]

Carl: He's shooting at us! [stutters] BAD CLONE!!!! BAD CLONE!!!!! LAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Evil Jimmy: [cackles] No one will stop me now! [continues firing lasers]

Jimmy: Hide in the dust!

[They did so]

[they soon stop out of the dust]

Jimmy: [groans] This isn't working! We're just a big target waiting to be shot at!

Sheen: So what do we, do?

Percy: We have to all split up. I'll drive Evil Jimmy away from the rest of you.

General Dedrich: Sounds good enough for me, Saddle tank.

Percy: Let's move out!

Falcon: Right. [he flies above and flies ahead, but then he sees something] (John Connor's voice) Uh oh. [he flies higher] Oh shoot! Not good. Not good! [he races back]

J.J.: [sees his hawk flying down very fast] Falcon! [his hawk lands on his buffer beam] What's up?

Falcon: Changlings!

Rabbit: How many?

Falcon: Alot! Dead ahead!

Percy: Okay, we'll have to make a slight change in plan. Here's what we'll do, we split up in three groups and try to find our own ways to Thomas. Then we can head towards him then. We put the crystal within his chest.

Nyx: Alright.

Terminator: [picks up something] I'll take care of the Changlings.

Skyla: Wait, are you sure you can?!

Terminator: Trust me.

Skyla: Okay.

[we now see the whole army of Changlings waiting, then we watch as the Terminator walking into view with a gatling gun in hand. As the music score: Terminator 2 Judgement Day - "Trust Me" starts playing]

Sargeant Horik: Alright, we've got you surrounded!

Terminator: [fires]

[several changlings are shot down]

Sargeant Horik: THAT'S A DANG GATLING GUN!!!

Terminator: [continues to fire at the Changlings]

[many of the Changlings are shoot and killed as some try to escape]

Terminator: [continues his line of fire as the hail of bullets hit and kill Changlings]

[Then he runs out of ammo. He drops the gatling gun and then takes out his grenade launcher and fires at the changelings. After he finishes he scans the area and finds all Changlings are terminated, he then turns and leaves.]

Sargeant Horik: Man! That was intense!

Terminator: [reloads the grenade launcher]

[we return to the rest of our heroes]

Duncan: Hurry to that Train-Prime!

[then we see the Terminator reunite with the others]

Twilight: We must get to Thomas as everyone else goes their way.

Terminator: Affirmative.

Yuna: Well, we're gonna need something to drive there.

Terminator: Stay here. I'll be back.

Yuna: Right.

[the Terminator then heads up to a nearby SWAT van parked close by. He gets in and is about to tear open the steering colom but then he grabs a spare set of keys under the overhead mirror. He then starts the van and drives it up to the others]

[they hop onboard]

Princess Celestia: Go!

Terminator: [drives away]

[but unknown to them, the T-1000 has followed, he then drive his motorcycle off a cliff and jumps onto a helicopter]

Pilot: Holy!

Waffle: Uh guys? [points to the chopper] He's here.

[the T-1000 then smashes a hole in the windshield and then liquifies and flows into the seat.]

T-1000: [to the pilot] Get out.

Pilot: [jumps out] AAAAAHHH!!!

T-1000: [closes the door and takes off]

Gordon Quid: Great gopher! He's after the Terminator, the Sparkles, and the Princesses!

[we see Megatrain and Track-Archins fly onto a nearby pyramid]

Megatrain: What is it?

Track-Archins: Master, bad news. The soldiers and Wonderbolts brought OpThomas.

Megatrain: The foal must have the crystal. We cannot let her reach OpThomas! Deceptitrains! Begin our assault!

[with NEST, the Wonderbolts, Trainbots and Autobots]

Spitfire: I don't like the sound of that.

Lennox: We gotta a whole lot of fight. Coming our way.

[then several Deceptitrains comes down]

[with the rest of our heroes, they soon come across a quarry]

Theodore: I don't see them.

George: Me neither.

[Then they hear something approaching]

Sweetie Belle: What's that?

Button Mash: I don't know.

[We then see a pair of diesels]

Knockout: Who are those guys?

Puffer: You got me.

[our heroes then stop as the diesels pull up closer]

[One of the diesels then transformed into a head, then another one to a arm]

Zoe Trent: Hide!

[They run]

Peter: They're combining!

Cleveland: Oh, my God!

Quarmire: This is really bad!

[the diesel then all combine into Decastator!]

Spongebob: It's Decastator!

Decastator: [starts sucking] ROAR!!!!!!!

Ed: He's sucking us in!

Edd: Run!

[We see freight cars and rocks being sucked in Decastator's mouth]


[They grab on objects]


Pincher: Carl! [grabs him]

Carl: DON'T LET ME GO!!!

[Then, Sheen and Penny start to lose their grips]

Penny Ling: I'm slipping!

Sheen: Me too!

Russel Ferguson: Don't lose your grips!

[but then they do, then Penny grabs Minka's tail and Sheen grabs some rocks]

Minka Mark: Hang on Penny! Don't let go of my tail!

Penny Ling: I'm trying!

Sheen: Jimmy!

Jimmy: Hold on, Sheen!

[But then Penny Ling starts slipping]

Penny Ling: I can't hang on much longer!

Minka Mark: Don't let go!

Sheen: No! Not me! Don't eat me! [he loses his grip] AAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

[Penny Ling and Sheen grab the side of Decastator's mouth]

Penny Ling: Panda Grip! Panda grip! YOU'RE NOT EATING ME!!!

Sheen: Don't worry! We'll be safe for Ultra Lord!!

Penny Ling: [loses grip] AAAAHHH!!!

Sheen: No! No! [loses grip] AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

Decastator: [burps]

Carl: He ate Sheen!

Minka Mark: And Penny!

Zoe Trent: NOOOO!!! Not Penny Ling! Why couldn't it of been me?!

Decastator: [laughing, then feels something] Huh?

[something starts hitting inside his neck]

Decastator: Rrr! RAH!

Penny Ling: [bursts out] NO!! I DIDN'T COME THIS FAR TO BE LUNCH!!! YOU'RE NOT EATING US!! [starts punching his face] I'M GONNA RIP YOUR FACE APART!!!

Sheen: Alright, Penny! 

Decastator: RAH!!

Mako: Let's get em'!

Rainbow: [fires her M4]

Decastator: Ah! Duh!

Zeñorita: [starts throwing some bombs]

Cruncher: [roars out a huge fire ball]


Sheen: I think we should get off now!

Penny Ling: Right!

[they start jumping down]

Penny Ling: Jump!

[they do so]


Penny Ling: WHOAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[They land on the ground]

Jimmy: Run!

Decastator: [starts walking slowly, firing his guns and rockets]

Cruncher: [growls] [and starts climbing on his left arm and jumps] ROAR!!!!!! [bites Decastator's neck]


Cruncher: [lets go and falls to the ground] ROAR!!!!!!

Joe: Stay under him! It's the only place to be safe!

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