Here's how the race to Manhattan goes in Wrath of the Century

Thomas: Where to, your majesty?

King Solar Flare: The switches for the other line should be coming up soon.

Thomas: Okay.

[soon we see the switch lever for the other line]

Brian: [as Mike] There it is!

[they throw the switch and soon come to a hill and see Manehatten far away but on the way there are several steep mountains with sharp corners]

Steamy: Stop! Stop! (whistles)

[the train stops and Twilight goes up to Steamy]

Twilight: What is it, Steamy?

Steamy: Ah' don't like the look of those hills up ahead. Ah' think we should have the heaviest engines lead, their weight, plus the weight of their trucks could cause them to biff into the back of and send us speedin' down them hills.

Rodger: I'm with Steamy on this one.

Twilight: But we don't have time for this, I think we'll be fine.

Evan: But, Twi ah' ain't so...

Twilight: We'll be fine! Let's just go!

Steamy: Very well, but don't say Ah' didn't warn ya.

Thomas: Now, to Manehatten!

[the Troublesome trucks song starts playing]

[at first the engines have trouble starting but soon they're moving again]

Wiffle: Let's hope they won't cause trouble.

[the engines are now going down the line and then as they cross a bridge, the trucks start complaining]

Thomas: Come along, come along!

[soon they start climbing up a really steep hill]

Trucks Hold Back! Hold back!

[They are on the top of the hill, when the weight of the trucks cause the heavier engines to speed up]

Trucks: On! On On!

Steam Crystal: [gasps]

Mighty Joe: Shoot!

Daylight: Oh, no!

Skunky: Oh cripes! Oh no!

Socky: Guys! Watch out!

[but too late, the heavier engines bump into the back of the others and push them on, faster and faster]

[the train races down the hill at a very fast speed, then they come to the first sharp turn, and almost fly off the very sharp curve (losing some of the weapon ammunition in the act)]

[then they land back on the line after going around the corner]

Sheen: Ha-ha! We've made it! Now we'll be in Manehatten in no time!

Carl: Uh Sheen?

Sheen: What?

Carl: [pointing forward] We still have several more steep hills and sharp curves to go.

[we then see all the other sharp curves and steep hills]

Rachel: I'm gonna be sick!

Thorin: HOLD ON!!!!

Carl: Wow, normally when I'm riding something like this, I get real si..

Zeb: Uh, are you okay?

Carl: [vomits] Nevermi.. [vomits] Nevermind.

Tigger: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Pooh and Tigger: Whoa! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Rabbit: Yah! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Piglet: YAAHH!!


[they soon reach another sharp curve]


R2-D2: [beeping]

C-3PO: I don't know.

[the train races another the next curve]

Zoe Trent: [almost falls out of James but is caught by ] Whoa! (she then looks down at the cliffs below] AAAAAAAH!!!!

Aragorn: Zoe! [pulls her back]

King Solar Flare: We better slow this train down soon! The line is a dead-end at the station!

Human Applejack: What?!

King Solar Flare: The station!

[soon we see Manehatten approaching fast]

Thomas: There's Manehatten!

Brian: But, we're still moving too fast!

Ed; Faster, pussycat, faster!

Eddy: Ed, give it a break would ya!?

Stewie: We might be able to slow the train down when we reach the straight track just before the station. But you all have to work together in order to do so!

[They then come onto the straight away just outside Manehattten]

Stewie: When I say "now", all you put on your brakes hard! Ready? NOW!!

[all the engines brake hard, and the team also throw on the brakes in the brkaevans and cabooses, and Dusty and Ishani help using thier own brakes]

[The train then comes into Manehatten Station and they stopped right in front of buffers as the trucks bunch up and the song ends]

Trucks: [laughing]

Sharon: Now I know why they're troublesome.

Pete: Oh, I hate trucks!

[Our heroes come out]