Here's how the race to Minas Tirith goes in Wrath of the Country.

[Soon we see Cybertrain touching the Earth. And the villains arrive at Minas Tirith]

Megatrain: There it is. It is loverly

[Then we see Professor Q. walking on a field heading towards them]

Alex: Sir, Thomas gave us the coordinates for the endgame. It's an ignition chamber. The weapon's going up there. Get Preds and satellites eyes on it, now!

Admiral Shane: Find it, and prepare to engage.

[Soon we see soldiers have eyes on the ignition chamber and we cut to a nerd]

Jimmy Neutron: Ignition chamber, Ignition chamber, we've got to figure out what makes it tick. We've got to shut it down!

[Soon we see the others hoping into a helictopter]

Alex: Quick, get in. Let's get out of here! Let's go!

[The helicopter takes off]

Lennox: Sir, we're gonna prep a HALO jump on that chamber.

Kallus: We won't make it pass those vines!

Brian: Alex, look [points to Lockdown's ship] That's our ride right there.

[We see Shutdown's ship as Brian speaks]

Brian: Put the gunships in that. It'll get us up there.

Soldier: Trainbot ship's gonna drop the Osprey's, they'll virtually glide the LZ. It's gonna be a high risk.

Admiral Shane: They want to do what, at 20,0000 feet?

Male soldier: It's Twilight Sparkle sir. They said she's the only one who can lead them to the chamber.

Admiral Shane: Well, that's fantastic. [on radio] They're gonna break her into the chamber to steal the staff.

Jimmy Neutron: Okay, that is litterly the dumbest idea I have ever herd! Personally, I'm gonna rely on psychics and mathematics to save the planet, not some crazy hooligans.

[Then we see the villains shuttle landing in the chamber and then we see Tirek in another room in the chamber and Sith Droids tie him to a chair]

Tirek: You'll be here for the time being. [he turns around to walk away]

King Solar Flare: You're scared, aren't you? [Tirek stops and looks back at him] You should be.

Tirek: [walks towards him, and then he fist punches him] You're trying my patience long enough! [to a Sith Droid] Watch him.

Sith Battle Droid: Yes, sir.

[He leaves the room]

[We then go back to Professor Q who's close by at the villains]

Starsmoke: I'd lived for this, master! I'd live to the destroy a planet!

Megatrain: And now, I activate this portal!

Hunter: Yes! Destroy Unicrane! He'll be powerless!

[We see the helicopters arriving at the city]

Twilight: Megatrain! Stop! Stop this madness now!

Megatron: Impossible!

[Then Q's cane transforms into a gun and starts firing at them. As some soldiers and tanks arrive]

Soldier: Fire!

[They all start firing at them, as the Decepticons and villains began fighting back and as they do so, Megatrain sees Burton]

Megatrain: You wretched equine! [fires at him as he takes off]

[And then after he takes off, the helicopters land and see the others]

Gabby: Hey! [she runs to them]

Brian: Hey! Glad you guys made it just in time!

[Then we see, Roger, the soldiers, Thomas, Percy, and the Insect Bots (in robot form) running up]

Roger: Hey, Brian! I just found Thomas! He's gonna kick butts! He's gonna save our butts! [pants and he hugs Brian] I've brought the troops, man. I brought the troops.

Thomas: Guys. This cannot, and will not be the end. To save Earth, we are going to steal Angel Death's staff. Twilight, only you can take it back.

Twilight: But what about you?

Thomas: I will lead the way into the chamber. And when the account of the ages is etched into the cosmos, let the future of Jedi Knights know, this was our finest hour! [And with that, he takes off]

Ghost Ring: Love that guy. Goosebumps every time.

Bull: But, I didn't say "hi" to him.

Kallus: Here they come.

[We see the gunships]

Kallus: You think there's enough?

Alex: No, we're out numbered. Two to one.

[Then Clocker runs to Professor Q]

Clocker: Sir! Professor Q! [slides down to him as he breaths and he holds his hand]

Professor Q: [pants] I'm not gonna make it, Clocker.

Clocker: I know, sir. This is the hardest part of my job. Watching you die.

Professor Q: Thank you, Clocker. May the Force be with you. [then he exhales]

Clocker: Of all the Master I have served, you were the coolest.

[Then we see the villains flying to the chamber]

Megatrain: Angel Death, my mother! I have your staff.

Angel Death: Excellent work, my son. But there is only one who can hurt us. It's that wretched Twilight Sparkle, Thomas protects. I felt her, she must not enter.

Megatrain: Do not worry, Mother. My army will kill her at any cost.

[Megatrain gives her the staff]

Angel Death: Watch as our world heals, and their's dies. [throws the staff at the center] A world reborn!

[Soon Angel Death yells and uses her powers to rebuild Cybertrain]

Kaullus: That's coming.

[Soon we see Cybertrain being build right under our heroes]

Brian: That things gonna crush us. GET THAT SHIP OUT OF HERE NOW!

Alex: Run to the gunships!

[They all start running away from the crush zone]

Alex: Move, move, move! To the gunships!

Gordon: That thing's gonna roll right over us!

[Everyone runs away from the falling derby]

Bull: Move!

[Soon we see the gunships flying to Shutdown's the ship as it flies away and we see Cybertrain in space]

New reporter on radio: Reports are starting to come in. It's literally scrapping away cities. Millions will die.

[And soon we see the citizens of Equinelantis running in fear for their lives, and then the mountain of where the Planet Harvester was and is now being ripped to shreds]

Jimmy Neutron: It's using Earth to rebuild itself, right? But however once it's finish it'll be an endgame. Okay, maybe you will understand this. The Earth is a dynamite, and it's the fuse. Once it's finish rebuilding itself, Earth goes boom! Look the point is, we blow up