Here's how the race for Snowdrop's life goes in The Return of the Sun Prince.

[we now view the team flying through the skies as "The Mail Train Theme" plays]

Nyx: Let's go this way!

Hiccup: Right behind you, Nyx!

[They fly down the lane]

Nyx: Now we head 12 degrees northwest!

[They fly down]

Minka Mark: Land ho!

[we see the island ahead]

Nyx: There it is!

Yuna: Hurry!

[they then land on the shoreline]

Astrid: Now, let's find that island!

Dorthy Ann: According to Nyx's book, it should be a few feet that way!

Yuna: That's all I needed to hear! [she then picks up Snowdrop and races off in that direction]

Blythe: Hey, wait for us!

Sylveon: Yeah! We don't know what inhabits this island!

Brian: Yuna! Come back!

[they race after her]

[With Yuna, we see her racing through the woods with Snowdrop on her back]

Yuna: Don't worry, Snowdrop! We're almost there!

[Then Nightstar is racing behind her]

Yuna: Nightstar?

[then Nightstar picks up Yuna and throws her onto her back and continues racing onward]

[soon enough the others start catching up]

Yuna: Come on! Faster!

[after racing through the forest and greenery, we see some steam rising ahead]

Human Rarity: There it is!

Yuna: Let's go!

[they then head towards the steam and after running for a a few feet, we now see the healing spring]

Nyx: The spring!

Yuna: We made it!

[Yuna the flies off Nightstar and over to the spring back as she lands, she trips over a root]

Yuna: Whoa!

[As Yuna falls over, Snowdrop flies off her back and and lands in the spring with a loud splash!]

Yuna: Snowdrop! [gets back up and races over to the spring] Sis! Where are you?!

Eaglesight: [roars as he jumps into the spring water]

Vinnie Terrio: Come on, Eaglesight!

Zoe Trent: Hurry!

[then after a minute or 2, Eaglesight emerges from the water and then drags Snowdrop out by the tail]

Moon Starlight: Snowdrop?

Yuna: Snowdrop! Snowdrop!

Astrid: Snow, are you with us?!

[slowly, Snowdrop starts coming through]

Zoe Trent: [puts her ear to her chest] I can hear her heart beating!

[and then Snowdrop opens her eyes]

Snowdrop: Yuna?

Yuna; Snowdrop! You're back! You're back! [hugs her]

Snowdrop: Uh, yeah.

Mushu: And don't worry we find your box with the third item!

Snowdrop: You did?!

Sunil Nevla: Yeah, we just found it.

Snowdrop: Oh good. So, where are we now?

Fishlegs: On Youth Fountain Island.

Snowdrop: Youth Fountain Island?!

Connie: Mmhmm. It was the only way we could help you.

Zeñorita: Si. You almost died.

Ruffnut: Yeah, because you mentioned something about Lightning.

Button Mash: Can you recall what happened?

Snowdrop: Not, exactly.

Tuffnut: Oh great! Don't tell us you got amneia!

Sweetie Belle: It's pronounced: "Amnesia," Tuffnut.

Tuffnut: Right, what you said.

Snowdrop: No. I'm just fine, but I all I know is I was shocked with Force Lightning and I saw Sharon.

Minka Mark: You found Sharon?!

Flaroen: Where is she!?

[but before Snowdrop can answer Arnold is pulled down]

Arnold: AH! AH! AH!

Brian: Ah! ARNOLD!!!! [grabs his arms] I've got you! Peter give me a hand!

Arnold: Get it off me! Get if off me!

[Then out of the bushes emerges a giant flesh eating Pod!]

Pod: ROAR!!!!

Arnold: [screaming]

[Then the Pod tries to pull Arnold to his mouth, but the others are pulling him back]

Brian: Hang on, Arnold! [deploys his lightsaber] Harvest time! [he cuts it's tongue and the Pod slides back]

Snotlout: What.. was that?

Nyx: [looking in the book] It was a Pod. A man eating plant.

Hiccup: Nyx are there any other creatures we should know about?

Nyx: No, not at the moment.

Henry: Wait, what's inside that chest anyway?

Snowdrop: I'll show you. [she opens the chest and inside are a few snowflakes] They're some of the snowflakes I made when I was getting started on it.

Skyla: Wow, they're beautiful.

Snowdrop: Yeah, they're very beautiful.

Henry: And you made these yourself?

Snowdrop: Yeah.

Henry: Wow!

Human Applejack: Well at least we have our third thing. Now let's find the fourth thing and Sharon too.

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