Ace went to the Castle and he saw Kirby, Tiff, Iro, Spikehead, Honeylemon, Rick, Kine, Tokkori, Yubai, Gengu, Buttercup and Bibli is here

Tiff:;Oh, Hi, Ace.

Kirby: Poyo.

Sir Ebrum and Lady Bow even Fololo and Falala are here

Lady Bow: Yabui, tell me that Kirby is feeling well. And I have this medicine that makes him feel better.

Fololo Of course, it will make him feel better.

Then Doron took it

Sir Ebrum: Stop! Thief! What are you doing! That's not yours!

Falala: Come back with that!

They went after him and they explained to him

Fololo: And you see, that Medicine isn't for you, is for Kirby. He needs it.

Tuff: If Kirby needs to cured, maybe we should have a race to make him remember.

Tiff: You think that Racing will make him remember?

Tuff nodded

Tiff: Well, I don't think it's a good idea, but... Okay. Let's do it.

They are having a race and they're done

Tuff: Well, that was some racing, how was it Kirby?

He look so sick

Tuff: You sick, and you don't remember?

Tuff is look sad

Tuff: I can't believe, i though that Racing will solve everyone's problem, I guess it not true.

He throw the Bottle

Tiff: Tuff. Be careful.

Tuff: I know, I just can't believe Kirby didn't know me.

Kirby:... Poyo?... Tuff?

Tuff heard what he said and he looks happy

Tuff: Kirby! You know my name?

Kirby: Poyo! Poyo!

Tuff: That's awesome!

That Night

Kirby went to sleep

Kriby is Dreaming that he was on a Hill with his friends and he saw a Silhouettes

Kirby: Poyo?

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