Here is how Radcliffe arrived in Pangea in The Lost World: Genesis Park.

Just then, Some Helicopters were spotted.

Spike: Somethings up!

Princess Yuna: See anything, SpongeBob?

SpongeBob SquarePants: (looking through the binoculars) We've got company.

SpongeBob sees the Helicopters has "Prehistory Inc." on it.

SpongeBob SquarePants: It says "Prehistory Inc." on it. I don't get it. We're the first team but there's another. Why did Professor Amber send two teams?!

The Helicopters landed on the island. The vehicles has Cages, Traps, Net Guns and Crates.

Radcliffe: What're the results?

Poacher: We've got loads of Prehistoric Animals on this island.

Radcliffe: Find whatever you can and put them in cages!

The vehicles shoots at the Mammoths, Mastodons, Herbivore Dinosaurs and Woolly Rhinos. The poachers carry Tranquilizer Guns, Net Guns for the smaller animals and set up Booby Traps.

Poacher #2: That's a lot of creatures to round up.

Poacher #3: Tell me about it.

Poacher #2: Oh, There's a Stegosaurus. And look, The Quagga.

The two poachers used the Tranquilizer Guns, And they used the lassos.

Princess Yuna: They're capturing the animals on the island.

Yuna round up her friends.

At the camp.

Princess Yuna: I figured that Professor Amber needed Manehattan have a special attraction.

Snowdrop: Oh my.

Alexis: Poaching doesn't not solve everything.

Jim: What's the plan, Yuna?

Princess Yuna: (begins to have an idea)

With Radcliffe.

Baby Carnotaurus: (eating the carcass)

Radcliffe: That's a baby Carnotaurus.

Poacher: Look at this.

Radcliffe and the poacher looked at the baby Carnotaurus.

Radcliffe: That's just the plan to let the parents come to us instead of going to them.

The two took the baby Carnotaurus away.

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