This is how Rainbooms vs. Midnight and Thunderwing goes in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Friendship Games.

[We see the Rainbooms, Sunset, and Human Flash Sentry facing Thunderwing and Midnight]

Flash Sentry (EG): The game is up, you two! Return Twilight to normal this instant!

Midnight: Or what?

Sunset Shimmer: [shows them Human Twilight's amulet] Or I'll use this.

[Midnight and Thunderwing laugh]

Midnight: Oh, I'm so scared. [laughs]

Thunderwing: You actually think a small device like that can defeat powerful beings like us? [laughs]

Sunset Shimmer: Yes.

[Midnight holds Rainbow Dash (EG), Pinkie Pie (EG), Rarity (EG), Applejack (EG), and Fluttershy (EG) in place with his magic while Thunderwing fires his wrist guns at them]

[Human Flash Sentry, now a Cybertronian, creates a shield which blocks the attack]

Thunderwing: What?!

[Midnight and Sunset Shimmer face off]

Midnight: Sunset Shimmer.

Sunset Shimmer: Midnight.

Midnight: I've been looking forward to this, old friend.

Sunset Shimmer: [holds up Human Twilight's amulet] Not as much as I am looking forward to using this.

Midnight: You should've joined us when you had the chance, Sunset. Thunderwing helped me. I understood him. I saw the future. That is why I became his apprentice.

Sunset Shimmer: Well, the way I see the future you don't. Even with all that power, you and Thunderwing'll still be alone. I understand you, Midnight. And now, I want to show you and Thunderwing the most powerful magic of all.

[Sunset uses the amulet on herself and turns into Daydream Shimmer]

Daydream Shimmer: The magic of friendship.

[Midnight vocalizes causing red soundwaves to come out of his mouth but finds that they have no affect on Daydream]

Midnight: Impossible!

Daydream Shimmer: Sing as much as you want. I won't fall no matter how hard you try.

[Midnight vocalizes causing red soundwaves to come out of his mouth even louder but it still has no affect]

Daydream Shimmer: [blasts him with magic]

Midnight: It is obvious that this contest can't be decided by our knowledge of defeating an enemy, but by our skills with magic.

[Midnight unfurls his wings and whistles. Midnight Sparkle appears]

Midnight Sparkle: Why, hello, Midnight.

Midnight: Midnight Sparkle.

Midnight Sparkle: Soon I will understand all magic.

Midnight: I know.


[Midnight Sparkle and Daydream Shimmer stare at each other]

Thunderwing: [to Midnight Sparkle] Yes! Kill her! Do it and you can take your rightful place at our side.

[Midnight is on his knees as Twilight walks over to him]

Midnight: You were destined to destroy me and Thunderwing. Do it. Give in to your hatred.

[Twilight prepares to when Sunset Shimmer touches her shoulder]

Sunset Shimmer: He's beaten. Let it go.

Twilight Sparkle (EG): It's a trick. He's more powerful than you know and he deserves to die for what he's done to me.

Sunset Shimmer: Maybe so, but if you strike him down in anger, you'll be turning our friendship into something he can feed on.

[Twilight eventually gives in]

Twilight Sparkle (EG): Fine.

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