Mr. Mime
Rainbow the Clown
or Mr. Mime is a fun, cheery, and lovable clown who enjoys going to birthday parties for children, wearing very bright rainbow-colored tights, and singing "Happy Happy Birthday" to whoever's party it was in The Powerpuff Girls series. However, after being doused with bleach gushing from a crashed truck, the chemical changes his outfit to black and white, and also negatively affects his brain, turning him into the color-draining super-villain Mr. Mime. Mr. Mime turns nearly all of the City of Townsville into a colorless world and the people absolutely mute, including Blossom and Buttercup, simply through contact. Bubbles is able to put everything back to its normal, colorful state through music with her and her sisters' hit song, "Love Makes the World Go Round", and Mr. Mime became Rainbow once again. Rainbow is beat up by the Powerpuff Girls and sent to jail, but it appears that his sentence was only short as he later attended the Powerpuff Girls' birthday party, as seen in the episode "Birthday Bash".


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