The Five Fairy Princess

Marie, Kayla, Candice, Sarah and Samuel the five warriors

Cyan Fairy Princess

Cassandra the Cyan fairy princess (Sarah's sister)

Purple fairy princess

Alice the Purple fairy princess

Black Fairy Princess

Hilda the Black fairy princess

Red fairy princess

Lulu the Red fairy Princess


Clara the Chartreuse Fairy Princess

Rainbow Fairy Princess (aka Balala the fairies) are from the magical rainbow kingdom with two sisters named Marie and Kayla meet the yellow fairy princess Candice and The knight fairy Samuel to help them join to become the rainbow fairy princesses altogether to defeat the dark witch and the minions. And the fourth fairy named Sarah and she is from the Gemini land and save her elder sister Cassandra the cyan fairy. And the purple fairy is Alice where her mother is brainwashed by the evil wizard. In the film 2015 brining the new team Lulu the red fairy princess and lulu is from the flame kingdom. The Rainbow Fairy Princess is given by the fairy queen. They Will Team Up With The Pretty Cure & The Furlings after "The Pretty Cure All Stars & The Furlings Adventures of We're Back: a Dinosaur's Story"

The Fairy Princesses

Color Name
The Pink Fairy Princess Marie
The Magenta Fairy Princess Jennifer
The Scarlet Fairy Princess Sabrina
The Maroon Fairy Princess Mira
The Red Fairy Princess Lulu
The Vermilion Fairy Princess Lyda
The Sun Fairy Princess Mandy
The Orange Fairy Princess Natalie
The Topaz Fairy Princess Alexia
The Gold Fairy Princess Patty
The Yellow Fairy Princess Candice
The Citrus Fairy Princess Martin
The Lime Fairy Princess Cheryl
The Chartreuse Fairy Princess Clara
The Mint Fairy Princess Selena
The Green Fairy Princess Sarah
The Forest Knight Fairy Alistair
The Teal Fairy Princess Chloe
The Turquoise Fairy Princess Gerda
The Emerald Fairy Princess Wendy
The Ice Fairy Princess Iris
The Cyan Fairy Princess Cassandra
The Sky Fairy Princess Laura
The Blue Fairy Princess Kayla
The Aqua Fairy Princess Rina
The Sapphire Fairy Princess Monique
The Knight Fairy Samuel
The Ribbon Fairy Princess Michelle
The Navy Fairy Princess Regina
The Midnight Fairy Princess Vida
The Indigo Fairy Princess Katie
The Night Fairy Princess Kazumi
The Amethyst Fairy Princess Chico
The Lilac Fairy Princess Susana
The Violet Fairy Princess Lilly
The Purple Fairy Princess Alice
The Wisteria Fairy Princess Vanessa
The Lavender Fairy Princess Jane
The Fuchsia Fairy Princess Catarine
The Rose Fairy Princess Alyssa
The Silver Fairy Princess Shelly
The White Fairy Princess Anna
The Black Fairy Princess Hilda
The Bronze Fairy Princess Eve
The Gray Fairy Princess Tara


  • The US Dub exclusive by Saban Brands renamed Balala the fairies become Mystic Fairy Rainbow Princess.
  • All 45 warriors in each number is similar to Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch with the same colors and items and outfits.
  • Each fairy princesses will have the item of the transformation cellphones, brooches, compacts, red handbag (only lulu), Magical Wands, Blue Sword (only Samuel), Star Tambourines (only Cassandra and Sarah), Red Fire Arrow (only lulu), Magic Musical Instruments and other items created by the fairy queen.
  • The Rainbow Fairy Princesses are the same clone as Pretty Cure.
  • Marie's theme color is Pink, Kayla's theme color is blue, Alice's theme color is purple and Candice's theme color is yellow.
  • Sarah and Cassandra's theme color is aquamarine green and shade of cyan, and their sub color is light pink.
  • Lulu's theme color is Red and her sub color is white
  • Samuel's theme color is normal blue and his sub color is lime green.

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