​Rainladdin ​is an upcoming spoof of Disney's Aladdin created by Princess Twilight Sparkle.


  • Rainbow Dash (EG) as Aladdin
  • Twilight Sparkle (EG) as Princess Jasmine
  • Wander as Genie
  • Venom, with The Dazzlings, as Jafar
  • Daffy Duck as Iago
  • Skunk as Abu
  • Sylvia as The Magic Carpet
  • Grim as The Sultan
  • Spike (EG) as Rajah
  • Tirek as The Cave of Wonders
  • Lord Hater as Razoul
  • Danny the Cat as The Peddler
  • The Chameleon as Gazeem
  • Crystal Prep as The Balcony Harem Girls
  • The Lion Guard as The Hungry Orphan Children
  • King Candy/Turbo as Prince Achmed
  • Po as Omar the Melon Seller
  • Oogie Boogie as Farouk the Apple Seller
  • Thrax as Old Jafar
  • Godzilla as Elephant Abu
  • The Siren Dazzlings as Snake Jafar
  • Midnight Sparkle as Genie Jafar

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