Here is how Ramicorn's evil plot goes in Equestria Civil War.

(we see Lyra on the ground unconscious)

[we see another Unicorn standing over her]

Ramicorn:(to himself) Looks like I overdid it. No matter.

Steeljaw: Your plan is going well. Already, the ponies of Equestria are taking sides.

Slash Claw: Impressive.

Megatron: Not impressive enough. Fury and Hill are onto us.

Starscream: By the time we're done, it'll be too late. Dark Dragon will rise again.

Kurumi Tokisaki: Who's Dark Dragon.

Tirek: Originally known as the Dragon Lord of Light, he was one of the original 8 Dragon Lords. But he too came to hate ponies, and became the Dragon Lord of Darkness. His brothers and sister locked him away, and only if the ponies fight each other, can he be freed.

Ramicorn:(takes out a gem and uses it to take her memories of ever seeing them)

Mr. Ross: This is useless! How are we destroying Equestria, if we're not even taking action?!

King Sombra: We've tried to attack them from outside for too long. Now we let them tear each other apart.

Steeljaw: Listen to me. I maybe a Decepticon but that does not mean I can't turn one against their friend.

Lockdown: You're not backing out on us, are you?

Steeljaw: No, it's just that I've never turned friends against each other.

Megatron:(grabs him by the throat) You only answer to us. If you breathe a word of our plan to anyone, Slash Claw will hunt you down.

Steeljaw: (frees himself) Fine. Got that in my head.

Ramicorn: Come on everyone. This is only the kick-off. We all know Twilight won't stand for this, so she'll fight against it.

Tirek: Indeed. Tensions will be high, soon the fighting breaks out, then blood will be shed, and Harmony in Equestria will truly be dead.

(the screen goes black as the villains laugh)

Steeljaw: This is gonna be fun to watch.

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