Here's how the Raptor eggs and the InGen Laboratory goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle visit Jurassic Park III.

Paul: Dr. Grant! You should come look at this!

[Alan and Udesky walks forward for the situation]

Mucker: Oh no, I know what made these eggs.

[As they arrive, Alan looks around and sees nests filled with eggs]

Alan: [under breath] Raptor.

[Billy arrives]

[It cuts to them walking through the jungle]

Paul: We're going to find him. Are you listening to me? We're going to find him. Kid's got resources, remember what it was like to try to ground him?

Alan: Where's Billy?

[He comes up to Billy putting something in his bag]

Alan: What are you doing?

Billy: I was photographing the nest.

Alan: Don't do that again.

Billy: Sorry.

Alan: If I loose you, it's just me and the damn tourists.

Edward; Wait, where's Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: [comes up] Here I am.

Willy: What were doing?

Fluttershy: Just taking a closer look.

Steam Mech: Please stick with the group Shy, that Spinosaurus could be out there looking for us.

[The group come up to an old building]

Paul: I bet you Eric's in there. Don't you think? I bet my bottom dollar!

Billy: What do you think it is?

Udesky: Far as i'm concern. It's the four seasons.

Evan: Let's take a look, but carefully.

[They look around and see wreckage and come inside]

Paul: ERIC?!

Amanda: Paul! Don't.

Gordon: Will you please stay quiet?! You'll attract more dinosaurs to us!

[Pual looks at something which turns out to be a phone]

Amanda: What the heck? [picks up and hangs up]

[As they continue on, something mysterious runs by]

Paul: Who's got some change? It only takes Quarters, I've got... I've got a buck ten.

James: Oh, don't even bother, it probobly doesn't even work anymore.

[Billy kicks the glass and throws some snacks to everyone. Paul tries to kick a vending machine but no affect.]

[Soon they come to a cloning part of the building]

Amanda: Is this how you make Dinosaurs?

Alan: No. This is how you play God.

Mucker: [to the others] Keep your guns cocked, you never know what could be around. [cocks shotgun]

Paul: [steps on a egg shell]

[Amanda comes to a tube with a raptor head, but it's eye slightly moves and leaps at Amanda]

Rarity: [shrieks] RAPTOR!!!!

[The raptor chases them to some cages]

Paul: It's looked!

[Then the raptor shows up]

[Some go in cages as the Raptor charges at Amanda and Billy and pushes them back. And it looks up and begins to climb]

Amanda: Push!

[The 2 push and trap the raptor and they leave]

Raptor: [calling]

Alan: My God!

Raptor: [calling]

Alan: He's calling for help!

Paul: Come on!

[They leaves but the Raptor gets out and starts squaking]

Alan: Into the herd!

[The group head to a dinosaur herd which causes them to freak out and make a stampede]

Cadance: [sees something] [as Leia] Over there! 2 more of them!

[The 2 raptors come in]

Alan: [sees trees] Head for the trees!

[As everyone heads to the trees, Udesky gets tumpled over but heads to the forest by encounters a raptor]

Useky: [from the distance] AAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Paul: Udesky!

[a raptor steps on him and it's claw stabs him in the back]


[The female raptor hears him screaming and Billy hides behind a tree as a raptor leaves]

Billy: Mr. Kirby!

Paul: Billy?

Billy: Is Alan with you?

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