Here is the scene how our Heroes are hiding in the kitchen from two Velociraptors in Tino Tonitini Goes to Jurassic Park.

(Now we go to the kitchen, Lex turns off the lights as the heroes duck from behind the table. Then we see a Velociraptor's face and eyes peeking through the window of the door)

(Cut to Alan clocking his gun)

Alan Grant: It's just the two raptors right? You sure the third ones containted?

Ellie Sattler: Yes... they must've figure out how to open doors.

(The Big One finally opens the door)

Lex: Timmy, what is it?

Tim: It's a velociraptor.

Lex: It's inside!

(The Big One looks around and then it lets out a call to bring another raptor)

Doraemon: Any other ideas?

Sue: I don't want to be raptor food.

Max Taylor: Everybody just calm down. Follow me.

Noby: Great idea.

Robotboy: Lead the way, Max.

(They crawl on the floor to the other table trying to avoid getting seen)





Noby: Quick, hide in here.


Tino Tonitini: When I say three, run to the freezer. 1... 2... 3!

(They run as one of the Velociraptors sees them and then chases after them, they made it in as the raptors slips and crashes into the frozen meat shelf, the heroes made it out and tries to close the door, but the Velociraptor still hasn't given up and tries to get out. Then Lex runs yelling and then pushes the door hard closing and locking the door trapping the raptor inside the freezer)

Shido Itsuka: That will hold it long.

Sakura Avalon: Not to mention that dinosaur will be frozen solid too.

Max Taylor: Come on!

(The heroes runs as the Big One sees them and snarls in anger. Then we see the heroes reunites with the others along with Alan and Ellie)

Zoe Drake: Old lady again!

Ursula: (Growls in anger) Stop calling me that!

Lex: It's in there!

Kero: What do we do now?

Ellie: Control room.