This is how Ryapunzle and Rapunzel heals three of thier friends, Optimus tells the story and "Ryapunzel Knows Best" goes in Thomas', Crash's and Ryan's Adventures of Tangled.


Flinn Ryder:

Meg Griffin: Yeah. I feel fine when I met you and your sis, Ryapunzel.

Crash Bandicoot: Us too. Ouch.

Rapunzel: Sorry. Don't... Don't freak out.



Ryapunzle and Rapunzel: Flower, gleam and glow~

Let your power shine~

[Ryan's hands glow blue and Rapunzel's hair glows yellow]

Make the clock reverse~

Bring back what once was mine~

Heal that has been hurt~

Change the fate's design~

Save what has been lost~

Bring back what once was mine~

What once was mine~


Sci-Ryan: Don't freak out!

Crash Bandicoot: Wow! This power is incredible! You think you'll see Ryan?

Ryapunzel: Well. I did see him the other day. He is helping someone about friendship.

Eddy the fox: So, where is Ryan now?

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