Here is how Rarity daydreams and the arrival of the Rainbooms goes in Battle of the Bands Restart.

[Meanwhile, Human Rarity is admiring her shoes]

Human Rarity: I love these shoes.

[In Rarity's daydream, she plays her keytar while her

Human Rarity: Tada!!!

Sci-Twi: Awesome!

Ryan F-Freeman: Way to go!

Human Rarity: Thank you!

[At the Chinese Theatre, Rarity came to make footprints on wet cement with her Rainbooms shoes. She looked at her feet, the shoes are sparkling]

Human Rarity: I think it gives me an idea.

[Rarity placed her shoes on the cement, they press down. The heels of the shoes are pushed through the cement]

Human Rarity: [feels the cement through her shoes] Ooh, .

[Rarity removes her feet from the cement, the shoes has made her footprints. The cement stains are on the soles]

Human Rarity: Wow.

[Rarity looked down at her feet, then spots Xemnas calling to her]

Evil Ryan: (as Xemnas) Rarity.. Rarity.... Rarity!

[In reality]

Evil Ryan: Yoo hoo! Earth to Rarity. Wake up and forget about your shoes.

Human Rarity: Huh? Evil Ryan? How come you call me in my dream?

Evil Anna: You were dreaming.

Human Rarity: Oh. Sorry, darling. At least, I'm okay.

Evil Ryan: Yeah. And one thing, why you like those shoes?

Human Rarity: Because, they are cool.

Bertram T. Monkey: I think we need to get ready and forget about your shoes.

Human Rarity: Why?

Evil Ryan: The Rainbooms are on thier way. And you just forget about shoes for the showcase? My friends need to practice singing. [sings] So many weapons, how do I choose?~

Look that this one with a beautiful fuse~

And with our music, we can't lose~

My Keyblade will surly give them the blues~

Human Rarity: And your pendant matches my shoes.

Evil Ryan: Come on, friend. Just get ready and forget about your shoes!

Evil Anna: Hey. That was a good line for a new song. [writes on the page of her song book]

Human Rarity: You got a song book, darling?

Evil Anna: Yes. But, get ready for the Rainbooms when they arrive.

Human Rarity: Right.

Evil Anna: Ryan and the Dazzlings would get ready too.

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