Here is how Rarity's discovery goes in Battle of the Bands Restart.

[Rarity (EG) is working on her Rainbow Rocks outfit in her boutique]

Sonata Dusk: Hey, Rarity.

Human Rarity: Oh, hey, Sonata.

Sonata Dusk: You think Ryan is ok as the second leader of the Dazzlings?

[She nods]

Sonata Dusk: Okay. See ya.

[As Sonata Dusk left, Rarity finished her Rainbooms outfit]

Human Rarity: Perfection.

[She wear a sleeveless, hot pink vest with thin, vertical black stripes, pleats that jut out from a black waistband studded with sapphire-blue diamonds and a blue star that's pinned to one of the shoulder straps. The skirt was hot pink with blue diamonds and musical notes with heart designs. Stockings were both sapphire blue and hot pink. Left leg was pink, right leg was blue. High-heeled sandals that were pale pink; straps were studded with blue diamonds and the soles had hollow diamond shapes in the front. Rarity looked herself at the mirror]

Human Rarity: Fab-u-lous.

[As Rarity walked to her desk to put on make-up, she looks down at her feet but she feels something in her shoe]

Human Rarity: What is that?

[Rarity takes off her shoe and reads the label inside]

Human Rarity: [reads] "Shoe-zone". I can't belive it.

[The "Shoe-zone" was written in the inner sole, the pattern is colored blue and orange. Even, the other shoe on Rarity's blue colored leg has the same label inside]

Human Rarity: [holding the shoe] Whoa.

[The pattern on Rarity's other shoe was blue and orange too, the outer soles of the high heeled sandals were pink and was glittery]

Human Rarity: [looking at soles of her shoes] Wow. I need to make a song about this.

[The shoes glitter as Rarity puts them back on]

Human Rarity: Life is a runway~

[Rarity dances]

Human Rarity: Let me show what its all about~

I tell you, life is a runway~

It's time to bring what's on the inside out~

[Rarity puts on her outfit]

Human Rarity: Into the light~

[Rarity strikes a pose, while her blue colored leg springs up, while her shoe glitters, and her pink colored leg stays standing, while the other shoe glitters as well. Rarity steps out of the boutique and into the streets]

Human Rarity: Life is a runway~

When you see it my way~

[Rarity swings on a post and then twirls. Then, Rarity checks her vest, skirt and earrings. The shoes continue to shine]

Human Rarity: Life is a runway~

[Rarity continues to dance. The shoes glitter even more]

Human Rarity: Life is a runway~

[Rarity stands in her boutique. The shoes glitter even brighter]

Human Rarity: Into the light~

[After the song, Rarity swoons into a chair]

Human Rarity: [looks down at her feet] I love these shoes.

[The shoes sparkle as Rarity smiles]

Human Rarity: These really are amazing.

[The blue Diamonds on straps of the shoes shine]

Human Rarity: I really like them.

[Rarity smiles. Her vest starts to shimmer, and her hairclip glows. Even, the shoes start to shine]

Human Rarity: [gasp]

[The shoes shoot out a stream of light that forms a rolled up piece of paper which Rarity picks up]

Human Rarity: What's this?

[Rarity opens it]

Human Rarity: [reads] "For Robotboy only".

[The paper glows. The shoes suck it back in]

Human Rarity: Whoa.

[Rarity stares in awe]

Human Rarity: Amazing!

[She runs off to show her friends]

Human Rarity: I have to show my friends how these work.

[The shoes glitter as she runs]

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