This is how Rarity and Bumblebee talk goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

[Rarity walks into the garage and sees Bee playing chess by himself]


Rarity: Bee, we need to talk about the Allspark fragment search.

Bumblebee: [does a dance] I'm so excited, / And I just can't hide it...

Rarity: Look, you're not coming on the search with me.

[Bumblebee stops and lowers his head in sadness]

Rarity: Look, Bee, I don't want you getting badly hurt.

[Rarity gives Bumblebee's face a hug]

Rarity: Sorry. But if I bring you, it's not gonna be easy.

[Bumblebee bursts into tears; literally, with his windscreen cleaners malfunctioning]

Rarity: I'm am terribly sorry about leaving you behind.

[Bumblebee stops crying]

Rarity: I just want what's best for you. I love you.

[Bumblebee stares after Rarity as she leaves in surprise]

[Rarity walks out and see Moon Dancer and Luna waiting for her]

Princess Luna: That was a little overdone.

Rarity: Your majesty and Moon Dancer. [realizes something] We're getting the Canterlot Warriors back together aren't we?