How is how Ryan and Human Rarity became friends and Human Rarity shows her shoes goes in Battle of the Bands Restart.

Human Rarity: [humming]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, Rarity. How are those outfits?

Human Rarity: Doing very well.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. [looks at his pendant] I guess this is cool like those shoes.

Human Rarity: Huh? You like shoes as well?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. They are a bit like my boots from my Welcome to the Show outfit.

Human Rarity: Yes, darling. Maybe we could be friends.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. I'll go fetch something.

[Ryan gets a keytar]

Human Rarity: You got a keytar like me? That is cool, darling.

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope this is good. Can you teach me how to play it?

Human Rarity: Sure, Ryan.

[Ryan starts to play his keytar. It was doing very well]

Human Rarity: See? I told you about what I teach you.

Ryan F-Freeman: [sees Rarity's pink high heeled sandals sparkling] Whoa. Cool sandals.

Human Rarity: Why thank you. Wanna see?

[Ryan nods]

Human Rarity: [get her pink heeled shoes to show Ryan] What do you think?

Ryan F-Freeman: These are cool. At least I like fashion. And is there something like a Life Is a Runway outfit? My Welcome to the Show outfit will do when we are at the finals.

Human Rarity: [looks at her shoes] Yeah.

Ryan F-Freeman: I think I can help you with this. [pulls out Rarity's and Ryan's Life Is a Runway outfits] I wonder how you make that?

Human Rarity: Well, I made these.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. I think we could put those on.

[Rarity and Ryan put on their outfits]

Ryan F-Freeman: We look awesome.

Human Rarity: Yeah. [looked down at her feet] My shoes are glittering, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: At least our friends are going to be surprised. [his pendant glows blue] I think I can sing a song with you.

Human Rarity: Before that, I can show you the label inside my shoes.

Ryan F-Freeman: And what label is it?

Human Rarity: Shoe-zone.

Ryan F-Freeman: I guess it might be magical. Maybe it might be a clue for something. I think.

Human Rarity: Well, Ryan. My shoes are special. Right?

[Ryan nods and plays his keytar]

Ryan F-Freeman: I'm doing this!

[Ryan then turns into his anthro form with Cybertronian armor]

Ryan F-Freeman: Your shoes are special.

Human Rarity: I know you liked them, darling.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. We could sing a song.

Human Rarity: Yeah, Ryan.

[Ryan plays his keytar and played the song Life is a Runway]

Human Rarity: Life is a runway~

[Rarity's shoes are geting a ray of light]

Ryan F-Freeman: [played his keytar]

[Rarity strikes a pose while her blue leg springs up with her shoe glitters, her pink leg then still standing as her other shoe also glitters]

Human Rarity: Let me show you what it's all about~

Ryan F-Freeman: [playing his keytar] I love this song.

Human Rarity: I'll tell you, life is a runway~

[Ryan spins as he plays his Keytar]

Human Rarity: It's time to bring what's on the inside out~

[Human Rarity spins]

Ryan F-Freeman: Into the li-i-i-ight!~

Human Rarity: [as her shoes shimmer] Into the li-i-i-i-ight!~

[Rarity looks at her blue nail polish, earring and look down at her feet, her shoes are sparkling]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow! They are so cool!

Human Rarity: I know.

Ryan F-Freeman: We are about to do the contest here. I think we can do it in style at the finals.

Human Rarity: Yeah.

Ryan F-Freeman: And I like you as a friend. [hugs Human Rarity]

Human Rarity: Aww.

Ryan F-Freeman: Should we go check on the others?

Human Rarity: Yes. But, at first, gonna check my shoes.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok.

[Rarity sits down on a chair, takes her shoes off and relaxes]

Ryan F-Freeman: Awesome. I think you did like those things.

Human Rarity: Thanks, darling. I hope you are kind like Fluttershy.

[Rarity extend her blue leg to show him]

Ryan F-Freeman: I like your outfit.

Human Rarity: Thank you.

Ryan F-Freeman: Let's go see what our friends are up to.

Human Rarity: Okay.

[They head off]

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