This is how Ratchet, Fluttershy, Bulkhead, and Applejack talk to Starscream goes in Orion Pax and Nightfall Twinkle Part 2.

Ratchet: Fluttershy, what are you doing?

Fluttershy: I'm just waiting for the right time when Twilight comes back.

Bulkhead: She'll be back soon, Flutters.

Applejack: He's right, y'all.

[Alarm goes off]

Ratchet: It's a transmission. With an embedded message.

Fluttershy: For Ratchet.

Bulkhead: Optimus?

Applejack: Twilight?

[Ratchet presses a button and Starscream's image comes up]

Ratchet: Starscream. "I have obtained information regarding your leaders. Bring medical kit. Come alone with Fluttershy."

[In the woods, Starscream sits on the ground with an injured leg. The Groundbridge opens and Bulkhead, Ratchet, Applejack and Fluttershy step through]

Starscream: I said come alone with Fluttershy!

Ratchet: And since when do we listen to you?

Fluttershy: Or you listen to us?

Bulkhead: Tell us what you know about our leaders.

Applejack: Before we buck you to death.

Starscream: Patch me up and perhaps I'll tell you. Have sympathy! I'm leaking here!

Ratchet: [kneels down] Are Optimus and Twilight harmed in any way?

Fluttershy: Well, are they?

Bulkhead: Come on!

Applejack: Spit it out!

Starscream: They're fine! Fine! Can't you see I'm the one that's been harmed?

Ratchet: Where are they?

Fluttershy: Tell us!

Bulkhead: Now!

Applejack: Or else...

Starscream: Where do you think? They're on Megatron's warship.

Ratchet: Which is located where?

Fluttershy: Tell us!

Bulkhead: Spill the beans!

Applejack: Spit it out!

Starscream: Now, who knows? It's a ship! It moves! It took me months to track, only to get fired upon!

Ratchet: If you don't want to tell us...

Fluttershy: Or let us know where it is...

Bulkhead: You can stay here and rust.

Applejack: Yeah. What he said. Come on, y'all.

Starscream: Very well. Your beloved leaders may have lost their senses. They go by the names Orion Pax and Nightfall Twinkle now. And it seems Megatron has lead them to believe they're Decepticons.

Ratchet: Tell us something we don't know.

Fluttershy: And be honesty.

Bulkhead: Or we'll just have to leave.

Applejack: Yeah.

Starscream: What? How could you possibly know that?

Ratchet: We're wasting our time.

Fluttershy: Come, you two.

Bulkhead: Coming.

Applejack: Right, behind y'all.

[Ratchet, Fluttershy, Bulkhead, and Applejack prepare to leave]

Starscream: Wait! That's all I have! Really! You can't just leave me here like this!

Ratchet: Then do as we say and tell us.

Fluttershy: Or...

Bulkhead: You can stay here and rust.

Applejack: Yeah. Not to mention the information on the Space Bridge.

Starscream: Space Bridge? Do you mean to tell me that they actually finished building it without my supervision?!

[Ratchet, Fluttershy, Bulkhead, and Applejack look at each other then at Starscream]

Starscream: It hurts most here, doctor.

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