This is how Ratchet and Fluttershy's Act of Kindness goes in My Little Pony Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic.

[The Autobots and Ponies walk together]

Rainbow Dash: And once Pinkie and Rarity were saved, whoosh... Me and Fluttershy loop-de-loop around and WHAM! Caught you right in the nick of time.

Arcee: Ratchet and I helped.

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, Rainbow, I was there, and I'm very grateful, but we gotta-

[A manticore awaits just ahead]

Optimus Prime: A manticore!

[It roars at them]

Twilight Sparkle: We've gotta get past him!

Optimus Prime: But how?

[Rarity and Bumblebee kick it]

Rarity: Take that, you ruffian!

Bumblebee: [beeps] (translation: You're no match for us.)

[It roars, ruining Rarity's mane and covering Bumblebee in spit]

Rarity: My hair!

Bumblebee: [beeps] (translation: Ew, ew, ew!)

[Fluttershy and Ratchet step in]

Fluttershy: Wait.

Ratchet: Let's just think about it for a second.

[Applejack lassoes it]

Applejack: YEE-HAW! Git along, little dogie.

Bulkhead: Yeah. Ride on!

Fluttershy: Wait.

Ratchet: Hold on, guys.

[It throws Bulkhead and Applejack off]

Applejack: Whoa! All yours, partner.

Bulkhead: Your turn, Cee.

Rainbow Dash: I'm on it.

Arcee: Got your back, Bulk.

[They race around the Manticore]

Fluttershy: Wait!

Ratchet: Listen to us for a second.

[It knocks Arcee and Rainbow flying]

Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow!

Optimus Prime: Arcee!

[The ponies and the Autobots charge at the Manticore until Fluttershy and Ratchet cut them off]

Fluttershy: WAIT!


[The Manticore is about to roar again when Fluttershy shushes it]

Fluttershy: Shhh... It's okay. Oh, you poor, poor little baby.

Ratchet: Ooh. That's gotta hurt.

Rainbow Dash: Little?

Arcee: You mean big, right?

Fluttershy: Now this might hurt for just a second.

Ratchet: Hold still now.

[They yank the thorn out and it roars]

Everypony: Fluttershy!

Everybot: Ratchet!

[The Manticore licks Fluttershy's mane and tickles Ratchet's foot]

Fluttershy: [giggles] Aw you're just a little ol' baby kitty, aren't you? Yes you are, yes you are.

Ratchet: [throught laughter] Quit it! Quit it!

Twilight Sparkle: How did you know about the thorn?

Optimus Prime: Why did you do that, Ratchet?

Fluttershy: I didn't. Sometimes we all just need to be shown a little kindness.

Ratchet: It was all about taking care of nature, Optimus. Dangerous predator or not.

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