Ratigan's Sinister Symphony It's the 77th Episode of Pooh's Adventures Chronicles by Daniel Esposito and It Will Appear on ZippCast in a Near Future.


Ratigan and Fidget Made the opportunity to steal the Songbook of magical musical compositions of Fantasia And Accidently using one of the Compositions, Pooh and Friends Are Teleported to Fantasia, where is in very big bad trouble, Meanwhile, Fidget Makes a joke and a stupidity on the world of the dance of the hours, this causing Madame Upanova, Hyacinth Hippo, and Elephanchine and her girls, fighting ones to others, while Ratigan, becomes the King of all Fantasia, with Ben Ali Gator and their serving boys to their orders are going to turn the main course on the dancers, depends on our Heroes to repair Ratigan's disaster, before is too late.


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