Ray Ray Lee

Ray Ray Lee is Juniper's hyperactive eight-year-old little brother in The Life and Times of Juniper Lee and a supporting character in the youTube adventure show Juniper Lee's Adventures Series. Like Juniper, Ray Ray can see through the magic barrier, though this is not a naturally-occurring ability. In the episodes after "Star Quality", he is occasionally seen watching monster TV. When Juniper first gained her powers, a group of demons attempted to drain her powers. Ray Ray unwittingly intervened, causing some of her powers to transfer to him, as seen in "Adventures in Babysitting". Whether or not he'll gain other powers similar to hers remains to be seen, as Ah-Mah has implied that he may over time.

Powers and Abilities

Due to an accidental power-transfer he had when June gained magic and chosen as the next Te Xuan Ze, he has a fraction of magic of his own, but so far it only enables him to see through the magic veil and see magical creatures.

In a later episode, he is seen using a Ronak Stone, a type of banishment item, well enough to recognize that it was out of energy. He's been seen using different projectile tools as well, such as wands and staffs. Throughout seasons, he is also seen to have some leading and communication skills, especially with monsters. These skills also aid him in the battle in the finale.


  • Over the course of the series he is being trained by Monroe in the Mystic arts.
  • He has proven himself to be a skilled fighter during Juniper Lee's Adventures of the Lion of Oz he easily defeats Auntie Roon with a jump kick.
  • Even though he is eight years old, he is extremely short for his age, even next to other kids. While in later episodes this could be attributed to his body having been magic-artificially re-made, he is still quite short.

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