When the Technodrome gets a fuel leak, Bowser and Queen Beryl tells the Freaky Tiki monster to drain the energy from Angel Grove. To try to destroy The Legion of Doom, The Magna Defender creates a pit of fire. When the Freaky Tiki attacks Magna Defender, the Rangers and Searchers Try to Stop him and the Magna Defender and sacrifices himself into the pit to Save the City, Leaving the Magna Sword to his New Bearer, Aisling.



Shadow: Man i hate to Tell you But, I'm Going to Miss him.

Adam: Yeah, he Leaves his Ambitions of Vengeance to Sacrfice himself for Saving The Whole City.

Optimus: Should give him a chance, not only because chose to Aisling, as the following legacy carrier

Iago: So, Where is the Wolf Girl Anyway? 

Good Fairy: She needs some alone time, The Death of the Magna Defender, Was Enough to Her.

Meanwhile Aisling in her Wolf Form Howls to the Full Moon at Night, and She Shed a Tear.

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