This is how Releasing Sonata's, Aria's, and Adagio's protoplasms goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan meet Scooby-Doo: The Movie.

[Ryan, Kuryan, Shaggy, and Umarak look at the vat]

Ryan Tokisaki: By Primus, Ekimu, and Quintessa.

Umarak the Hunter: You know Quintessa?

Ryan Tokisaki: Yes. She put Twilight and Optimus under her control one time.

Umarak the Hunter: I'll keep watch.

Ryan F-Freeman: Good for you, Umarak.

Shaggy: Like, you do know that as much as Velma.

Ryan Tokisaki: I know. Right?

Unkown voice: Ryan... Kuryan...

Ryan Tokisaki: Megan?

[Ryan sees Sonata]

Sonata Dusk: Ryan...

Ryan F-Freeman: Sonata? I hope it's not Unicron.

[Ryan picks up Sonata's protoplasm]

Sonata Dusk: Ryan. Thank goodness you're here. Let me go and I can find my body.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. Get ready for your ride for your body and know one thing. Quintessa is the Great Deceiver! [lets go of Sonata]

[She flies so fast and spots her body and goes in]

[Sonata's demon possessed body gets hit when Sonata's protoplasm re-enters her body and a demon gets out]

[The demon roars then notices it's outside in the sun. It screams and explodes]

[Sonata gasps and notices what she has to do]

[Back at the vat room]

Aria Blaze: Ryan. Hey, Kuryan.

[Kuryan grabs Aria]

Ryan Tokisaki: Aria Blaze. I was worried about you then Umarak told me.

Aria Blaze: Thank Primus for that.

Ryan Tokisaki: Aria, you're a protoplasmic head.

Aria Blaze: I know, but I'm still the cool one.

Ryan Tokisaki: You miss your body?

Aria Blaze: Yeah.

[Kuryan lets go of Aria]

Aria Blaze: Whoa! How do you pilot this this!?

[She flies up to the sky]

[She spots her body]

Aria Blaze: There it is! Here we go!

[She flies towards her body but the door shuts and she goes flying off]

[Back at the vat room]

[Ryan grabs Adagio's protoplasm]

Adagio Dazzle: Ryan. I need to find my body.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. So. Maybe I can make some Keyblades for you and your sisters after the mystery is done.

Adagio Dazzle: Ok. Ryan, student of...

[Ryan throws Adagio's protoplasm]

Adagio Dazzle: PRIMUS!!!!!

[She flies off to find her body]

[Ryan finds Daphne's protoplasm]

Daphne: Ryan. I am glad to see you.

Ryan F-Freeman: Don't worry. I'll send you to your body.

Daphne: Thank you, Ryan.

[Ryan throws Daphne and she flies off to her body]

[The four see the Daemon Ritus and take it and run off]

[Sonata looks around and sees a protoplasm coming towards her location]

[She then sees someone]

Sonata Dusk: Uh yo yo you yo.

[The possessed Adagio Dazzle looks at Sonata]

[Sotata puts on some fake glasses and whistles]

[Aria comes flying in]

[The protoplasm enters Adagio's body and she gets hit then the demon comes out]

[The demon roars]

Sonata Dusk: You could use a little sun light.

[She opens the blinds and the demon explodes]

[Sonata smiles]

Adagio Dazzle: [with Aria's voice] Sonata? Is that you?

Sonata Dusk: Aria?

[Meanwhile, the possessed Aria Blaze gets hit by Adagio's protoplasm]

[Meanwhile, Daphne's protoplasm flies into her body]

[Back with Sonata and Aria]

Adagio Dazzle: [with Aria's voice] Wait. This isn't my body. If I'm in her body, Adagio must be....

[They go to a forest]

[Ryan looks for his friends]

[Back to Sonata and Adagio]

Aria Blaze: [with Adagio's voice] Boy, Sonata.

Sonata Dusk: Adagio?

Aria Blaze: [with Adagio's voice] Yeah.

[Back to Ryan and his friends]

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope Fred is safe. Like Megan and the Mad Doctor.

[They find Fred and Velma unpossessed]

[They also find Adagio, Aria, and Sonata]

Ryan Tokisaki: Velma!

Shaggy: [to Adagio, Aria, and Sonata] Please tell me you guys are you.

Sonata Dusk: We are us, Shaggy. Thanks to Ryan.

Aria Blaze: [with Adagio's voice] I think we got stuck in different bodies.

Adagio Dazzle: [with Aria's voice] Yeah, I think I can lead.

Velma: I guess this fella is ok, Shaggy. But we are safe when Umarak shows up.

Ryan Tokisaki: Speaking of the Hunter.

[Umarak comes out of the shadows]

Umarak the Hunter: It's okay. I'm a good guy.

Ryan Tokisaki: Yeah. So am I. I was a villain then reformed after Tish saved me from Kotori.

Umarak the Hunter: I guess Aria got Adagio's body?

Ryan F-Freeman: I guess so.

[Daphne nods]

Shaggy: We stole this. We hope it helps.

Velma: The Daemon Ritus.

[Everyone's protoplasms, except Umarak's, get swapped]

Ryan Tokisaki: [with Ryan's voice] Whoa. I think we can... Wait a sec! My right eye is a clock?!

Daphne: [with Kuryan's voice] So that is what a woman's body looks like. [to Umarak] Brother? How come you don't have a protoplasm?

Umarak the Hunter: I am not one of the humans of this world.

Ryan Tokisaki: [with Ryan's voice] But I'm a Techno-organic so I am part human.

[Their protoplasms get swapped again]

Umarak the Hunter: Velma, what's going on?

Ryan F-Freeman: [with Velma's voice] If my calculations are correct, due to the instability of protoplasm in the proximity of the Daemon Ritus, we're going to continue randomly changing bodies until the protoplasm realigns with the correct bodies.

Aria Blaze: [with Ryan's voice] Wow. Look at my pig tails. I'm Aria.

Fred: [with Kuryan's voice] Well. I think we can tell Sci-Ryan about that cause it would be a wild ride.

[Their protopasms go in the correct bodies]

Ryan F-Freeman: My body! Thank Primus for that.

Aria Blaze: I'm me.

Adagio Dazzle: I'm back.

Ryan Tokisaki: I'm me again! So, I think you can know that light can kill the demons. Remember?

[They hear an explosion and turn to see fire]

Velma: Oh, no. Come on.

[They head to a hut]

[Ryan pulls out a fire extinguisher]

Voodoo Man: Something tells me that was the wrong ingredient.

Ryan F-Freeman: I got this. [uses the fire extinguisher to put out the fire]

Ryan Tokisaki: What did happened here?

Voodoo Man: I'm doing a voodoo ritual if you don't mind, thank you. It's important you get the right ingredients. You see, the only way I can protect myself is by blessing this dead Arnouki beast. And let me tell you something, I have a feeling they're about to perform their evil Darkopolypse ritual.

Ryan Tokisaki: Darko..what?

Velma: Darkopolypse ritual?

Voodoo Man: Right.

Ryan F-Freeman: I think they cannot make a sacrifice with that.

Velma: That's what the ancient text describes.

Voodoo Man: Hey, don't open that! Don't open that.

Velma: They use the protoplasm in the vat as an energy source. And the leader needs to absorb a purely good soul to complete the ritual.

Voodoo Man: Legend has it, once the Darkopolypse ritual is performed, the creatures will rule on Earth for 10,000 years. So that's why I'm taking this dead Arnouki beast up in my house, to protect myself.

Shaggy: You have another one of those?

[The voodoo man goes in his house]

Daphne: Those creatures are taking over the world? That is so mean.

Fred: They can't do the ritual without a pure human soul. Where in the world are they gonna get one of those?

Velma: I didn't say human.

[Ryan gets a vision of Quintessa telling Twilight]

Quintessa: The one thing you need to bring is Princess Celestia. Bring Ryan's mentor to him and you can be a Prime, Nightmare Sparkle.

[Twilight's eyes glow red]

Twilight Sparkle: I will fight anyone who stand in my way.

[The vision ends]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh, no.

[Meanwhile, Celestia is imprison in a pyramid shaped cell and the sides open and Dr. Cortex holds out his hand]

Dr. Neo Cortex: Come.

[Back with our heroes]

Crash Bandicoot: So the one behind all this needs Celestia.

Kuryan: Then that our mission is to save Celestia, free Twilight, and kill Quintessa.

[Meanwhile, Quintessa is with Ryvine]

Ryvine Sparkle: I hope he can be powerful.

Quintessa: There's only one who can be Prime. I sense Ryan. We must not let him stop the ritual.

Ryvine Sparkle: Twivine will handle him. So, my minions can help me on the sacrifice.

[Ryvine leaves and smiles]

Quintessa: Celestia. How are you, my friend? Sit down.

Princess Celestia: You are Optimus' creator?

Quintessa: I am Quintessa.

Princess Celestia: You think that Twilight is ok?

Quintessa: Yes.

Princess Celestia: So. What you know about Ryan?

Quintessa: Well. I know this. Unlike that friend of yours, Ryan. He wouldn't believe you about that Twilight said that the fake Cadence is evil, would he?

Princess Celestia: No.

Quintessa: But I believe you. And that's why I got a job for you.

Princess Celestia: What is it?

Quintessa: I'll tell you. Princess Celestia, I would like you to be a sacrifice.

Princess Celestia: A sacrifice?

[Quintessa nods]

[Celestia smiles]

[Meanwhile, Ryan makes a plan]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. We need a disco ball for something. Look, the pebble here is Daffy, the salt shaker, that's Shaggy and his friends, I'm the acorn, and Crash is that stub. Anyone follow?

Umarak the Hunter: Who's the stick?

Ryan F-Freeman: The sti... [sighs] No one is the stick, Umarak. I'm making the plan with the stick.

Umarak the Hunter: Well then what am I?

Matau T. Monkey: The Stormy Weather toy.

Umarak the Hunter: Oh. Why would we need a crust disco ball for?

Evil Ryan: When Sonata saw the demon in the sunlight, well, their weakness is light.

Umarak the Hunter: Oh. So, we can use light to our advantage.

Crash Bandicoot: Well, we can set the trap up and fast. We haven't got a moment to lose.

Ryan Tokisaki: By all means, let us light our darkest hour.

[The song called "Hunger" starts playing as our heroes find some stuff for the plan]

[Crash finds a disco ball and some mirrors]

[Ryan puts on Lightning McQueen's lucky sticker on Umarak's chest]

[Kuryan find some reflective tape and puts on his guns and Keyblade]

[Daphne finds Hot Rod and he comes with her]

[Umarak and Matau put some spot lights on some corners and the other do something else and everything's set]

Ryan Tokisaki: We did it.

Umarak the Hunter: Yeah. I guess we did.

[Sci-Ryan nods]

[The Combaticons and Combatibots arrive]

Ryarek: Onslaught and I heard about it and I got some friends.

Onslaught: You said it.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yup. Like if someone else like Codylight becomes a Prime, Twilight's future of a Prime disappears. Poof! And Quintessa will fade into oblivion! So, that will hurt.

[Umarak laughs]

Ryan Tokisaki: Did Ryan get that from Madeline Hatter?

[Crash nods]

[They hear chanting]

Fred: [gasps] Oh no. The ritual's beginning.


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