Here is how Princess Yuna remembered her first steps in Emerald Helps Out.

Meanwhile, Yuna was picking some flowers for her mother.

Princess Yuna: (remembering her first step)

The flashback begins.

Princess Luna: All right, Yuna. Come to mama.

Baby Yuna: (takes her first steps)

Princess Luna: It okay. You can do it. Come on.

Baby Yuna: (walks gently)

Princess Luna: That's it, Come on.

Baby Yuna: (takes a few steps)

Yuna walks to Luna.

Princess Luna: (picks her baby up) That's my big filly. (kisses her cheek)

The flashback ends.

Princess Yuna: Here, Mama. (gives her mother the flowers) I picked some flowers for you.

Princess Luna: Oh, Yuna. You shouldn't have.

Princess Yuna: The Violets matches our blue colors.

Princess Luna: Thanks so much.

Princess Yuna: You're welcome.

Princess Luna: Let's say we go spend our time at your palace.

Princess Yuna: You bet.

Back at the Daycare center, It was nap time for the babies as Emerald keeps an eye on the babies quietly.

Emerald: (whispers) They're so cute when they're a sleep.

Prince Isamu: (sleeping)

Emerald: (whispers) Not a single baby foal waking up yet.

Catrina: (whispers) That's very responsible of you, Emerald.

Prince Tyrone: (yawns while still sleeping)

The babies are enjoying their naps.

Emerald: (smiled)

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