Here is how Nighlock and Jack rendezvous with the others, the original members fight Emma Frost, and the Recruits deal with Shinobi Shaw in Code Red enters the Nightmare before Christmas.

(we see Jack, Nighlock, and Zero come out of a gravestone)

Flash Fire: About time you guys got here. We've lost Go Fish to Pietro nine times already.

Jack Skellington: C'mon, Zero. Christmas isn't over yet.

(they sneak into Oogie's lair, and formulate a plan)

Nighlock: Jack, you've got Oogie. You know more about him than we do.

Jack Skellington: It's for the best. Oogie is full of surprises.

Deadpool: So am I.(pulls out his chicken swords)

Nighlock: (facepalms)

Jack Skellington: Where did he even get those?

Taser: Don't question it.

Nighlock: Everyone ready?

Sauron(Marvel): All set.

(they go to take care of them)

Nighlock:(gets Frost's attention) Hey!

Emma Frost:(sees him) I've got him.(chases him)

(Mirage the Illusionist throws a rock at Shaw)

Mirage the Illusionist: Neener, neener, neener!

Nighlock:(on earpiece) Mirage, be serious.

Shinobi Shaw:(chases him)

(Emma chases Nighlock until she sees he led her to the original members)

Red Smoke: Game over, Frost. You may be able to change into diamond, but diamond can't withstand metal.(takes out her sai)

(Emma transforms into her diamond form and attacked)

Air Strike:(blocks her punch and twists her arm)

Emma Frost:(screams in pain)

(he throws her to Nighlock who punches her to Taser)

Taser:(shocks her, hen telekinetically throws her to Red Smoke)

Night Ninja: Hi-yah!

Deadpool: Hey get out of here! You're not in this movie!

Emma Frost: Do you have any idea what he's talking about?

Nighlock: Nope.

(Night Ninja leaves)

Red Smoke:(KOs Frost)

(meanwhile, Shaw was still chasing Mirage until he walked into his trap)

Firestar: Hey Shaw.

Shinobi Shaw: Hello, traitor.

Indominus Rex: The only traitor is you.(throws her ninja stars at him)

(He dodges them and finally, his arrogance gets the better of him)

Shinobi Shaw: Don't you know you can't win? The club studied all of you before you joined this pathetic team. I know what you're going to do before you do it.

Deadpol: Oh yeah? Well have you ever seen anyone fight with chickens?(pulls out his chicken swords)

Shinobi Shaw: Hey! What the heck is wrong with you?!

Deadpool: What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you?

Shinobi Shaw: Have you people taken him to the hospital yet?

Bucky Barnes: Everyone's tried.

Deadpool:(attacks Shaw with the chicken swords) Ahh! Chickens! Chickens! Chickens!

(He eventually took Shaw down with the chickens)

Deadpool: Never underestimate the power of chickens.

(screen goes black)

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