They made it to Xioalin temple and Kimiko is nowhere to be found

Raimundo: So, Young Chase is after the Symbol.

Dojo: Symbol? I think I know somewhere before...

Daffy: Really? Where?

Dojo: I don't know. I don't Kronos where is location is.

Ace: Well, anyway we have to stop Young Chase before it's too late!

They went off to find Young Chase and they found Young Chase and Kimiko

Young Chase: Meeting you sight a little high, aren't you boy? Back to your Hole, Xioalin Warrior I will not allow you to trouble the girl anymore

Raimundo: Kimiko! How could you!?

Omi: You have chosen to serve on the Heylin Side, Kimiko!

Kimiko: I'm so sorry. You guys, Raimundo, Clay, Omi.

Clay: Wish coin. I wish Kimiko is safe.

And then Dojo saved her

Dojo: One wish left. You're very good in this.

Young Chase: I'm so sorry. Xioalin Warriors. I'm afraid you're second wish has been denied.

Jack took this Wish Coin from Raimundo

All: (Gasp)

He give to Young Chase and then 2 Coins has appeared

Young Chase: And I'm taking you're friend.

He put a Spell on Dojo and Dojo cannot control his Body

Dojo: My Body! It's not Controlling me!

Young Chase: Now let her go.

Dojo: I'm sorry you guys.

He put her down and she's inside the Pot and it create a Heartless

Young Chase: I know, bid you farewell. But not to be rude to leave you after you came all this way. I'll be leaving a 'parting gift' for you to play with, enjoy if you can.

He disappeared and then the Pot Centipede is attacking our Heroes

Ace: We have to get Kimiko out of here!

They are fighting the Heartless and then it got Defeated, but unfortunately Kimiko is no where to be found

Raimundo: Kimiko!

They all heard Young Chase evil laugh

Omi: To the Yin-Yang World, Come on!

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