Mario is wondering and he saw Boo

Boo: So what's wrong?

Mario: I don't know, I just thinking for something.

Boo: Well, you better go home.

Mari: Why?

Boo: Why, because... It's Windy Day.

Mario: Windy Day? Hmm, I wonder if I can say everything for this. To everyone... But who is "Everyone"?


Gumdramon is wondering and he saw Luigi floating away

Luigi: Mama-mia! Gumdramon, help!

Gumdramon: Luigi, hold on!

He save him

Luigi: Phew, thank you, Gumdramon. Oh, and here's my brother.

He saw Mario

Gumdramon: Mario, you're alright.

Mario: Well, it's wonderful to see you. Lovely weather.

Luigi: Nice to m-meet you? But, Mario. It's me, your Brother, Luigi. Don't you remember me?

Gumdramon: And me, too? We're friends!

Mario: We are? I don't think I remember.

Luigi: Mario... That's.... That's... Terrible!

He walk away and he got caught by the wind

Luigi: Good-bye, Mario! Good-bye, Gumdramon!

Gumdramon: Luigi.

Mario: Who, this is... Dangerous.

Toadworth: Yes, it is kinda Dangerous. Gumdramon, would you go help Luigi?

They went off to save him

Gumdramon: Jump down, Luigi. I'll catch you!

Luigi: Oh, boy...

Gumdramon: You can do it! Just be brave!

Luigi: Really... Well, okay. Here I go!

He jump down and Mario Saved him

Mario: Mama-mia, Luigi. You have to be more careful.

Luigi: Mario, you finally remembered me. You really did?

Mario: Of course, you're my brother. I won't forget you. Because I hope Daisy will know that you're brave.

Luigi: Daisy, I don't know. But it's easy to be brave when I have a great brother like you, Mario.

Gumdramon: Glad you remember him, Mario.

Mario: Of course, and thank you for saving my brother... Somebody I don't know.

Gumdramon: Oh... On, sure. Don't mention it.

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